Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


8. The Book

THE BOOK, WHICH WAS OVER TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS OLD, lay in the dust, shimmering like snake scales. I walked slowly towards it, checking the area for traps as I went. As I picked it up, an electric cage which had surrounded the Key flicked for a while and  then, finally, died. Coughing from the cloud of dust, I carefully opened the book and looked at the first page. The whole book was handwritten with beautiful, vibrant, antique illustrations; it was untouched by millions of years. On the walls of the cave were words engraved into the rock, carved thousands of years before when our kind first visited this planet, when, I assume, the book was first placed here and then forgotten, lost in time and space, never to be recouvered. The words said:

  vcstv nnn lkiel ccewwqydmc gjhg fewf, iunhfi QDNXZQ Ss wqqew xxxx.

  This means:

  Those who TREAT THEMSELVES will fall, HONOUR OTHERS to stand tall.

  I looked back at the book. The knowledge was in there, the knowledge of everything and anything, the knowledge that had been lost through generations as our language had been lost (that was another of my powers. Being able to read any language) and I felt it calling to me, reaching into me and drawing out my true self-it was almost as if it wanted to be found and used opposed to sitting here with no real purpose. And so, I read on and on about how to bring water up hill, how to go from one place to another without moving, how to live in unison with the world. I read about wonders that I could not even begin to describe and yet could picture so clearly in my head. I read about our past, the despair of all that was lost and the hope for what was to come. I read for hours till I reached the end where I found the one piece of knowledge even we could only ever guess. The reason for life. No one knows the reason for life. Then it hit me harder than a steam train at full pelt. I was the protector of reason for life, the reason every one lived. It was my duty to care for that no one knew but so desperately clung to nonetheless for I was Kara, which means beloved friend, and he, the shadow in my dream, was Prithuhara, the Great Destroyer.

  “Danny, Master, take the Key and return to Starre,” I said, my voice filled with confidence, “There’s something I have to do.”

  “Oh no,” Said Danny, tossing her hair back “Whatever you’re doing, I'm coming with you.”

  I looked at my master desperately and he shook his head.

  “Danny has the right to do what she wants but I know I’m going back.”

  Soon he was gone with the Key in a swirl of fire.

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