Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


12. Lost

I felt lost. I had lost confidence in myself and in what I was destined for. I was so scared of losing myself and everything that I stood for. In my minds eye, the image of a little girl, surrounded by woods, all alone, danced before my eyes and it finally hit me. What I was destined for wasn't something I could share. My eye glanced over to where Danny sat astride Georgia and a tear fell down my cheek. I could feel my humanity slipping away from me as I realised what it felt like to be surrounded by people but truly alone.

Nothing I could do could change the fact that I was destined. In actual fact, all I was, was a tool, a means to an end and I wasn't sure that was the end I wanted. I knew this deep inside of ME but I wasn't in control. My destiny was and that was all there was to it. I let myself slip away and, as I did, the tear on my cheek fell and disappeared onto the road behind me, left behind in the past. I felt lost.

I was lost.

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