Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


5. Learning My Powers

I HAD BEEN BEGGING HIM FOR YEARS TO TEACH ME MY POWERS, all of them, but, somehow, now he said he would I seemed reluctant. Frightened, I backed away, scared to know how powerful I really was, scared I would hurt him. He had always been like a father to me though I was a gift from the centre of the universe, a gift from the star that needed no star bearer, the star the star bearers needed, the star called Camilla and I did not want to kill him. Overwhelmed, I burst out crying, scared of who I was, terrified to accept it. My master held me, the only family I had ever had. I had a right to be scared. As soon as I started using my powers, I lost control, did something unintentional and something would happen, anyone near me would be at least seriously hurt, probably killed so, instead I just fell to the floor and curled in a ball as if I was trying to keep all my secrets locked up inside me, the secrets that haunted me in the deepest, darkest part of my mind, the ones that kept me awake at night. Those where the secrets I could never let out.

  I cried my heart out as I lay there listening for my master, wanting my master to tell me to sit up and stop being such a baby, for him to lock up the secrets again but he just let me cry on, telling me to let go without even speaking. Every one of them from ridiculous fantasies to horrendous lies, all came spilling out in one big gush, washed away in the flood. I had to get over them or I would be stuck in one place, never moving on, excepting my destiny. I had to get over them or I would always hurt the people I loved no matter how I tried. I was to powerful just to sit here and expect to be able to do something without practise. This was the only way.

  I was on my feet. I couldn’t sit there like a small child and cry. I had to face my fears and conquer them, stand up tall with my head held high. My master waited as if to make sure I wasn’t going to start crying again. Finally, he nodded his head and set to work making something. I took the opportunity to practice with my dagger so I didn’t forget how to use it. It was a sleek silver sparkling hunting knife with a golden edge and hilt. I had somehow managed to kill a Hunter when I was three and taken the dagger from her hand. I loved that dagger even though it was the only weapon on Starre but I didn’t care. It was mine.

  Hours later, I was still trying to find the limit to my power but there seemed to be none. We had found over one thousand different powers so far but neither of us had the energy to go on. I found I was more powerful than ever before but somehow, in my heart, I knew that I wasn’t at my most powerful, that this wasn’t the way to find the extent of my powers. They had to come naturally to be more potent but forcing them out would let me practise them and unlock their full potential. But still, I had to try and do something. Just sitting around doing nothing was making me edgy. Now we had stopped, I just wanted to get back and do more; the potential inside of me was rolling like the sea, not wanting to be contained, waiting to break free. The ocean may seem uncontrollable but really it was immense power that was controlled, it was just so big it didn't seem like it. That was me.

  “I think,” panted my master “That’ll do for today.”

  I leapt up onto Franchisee and started him into a gallop. My master heaved himself onto Georgia, started her in a walk and then fell fast asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake him so I rode back, took Georgia’s reins in one hand and carried on down the path. The sky grew dark around me as the evening turned to night. We rode and rode and rode and my master never woke up. Fighting against my heavy lids, sleep threatened to overwhelm me. The horses, however, plodded on, unwearied by the long journey. Up ahead, there was a warm, orange glow such as the one made by a fire. Was it a village? A safe place for the night? I urged the horses faster but, when I reached it, I saw that it was the Hunter’s camp. Disgusted, I turned to walk the horses away, but then I saw Danny being pushed around by some Hunters. One of them got close to her and started to take her clothes off. They had dressed her in a tight-fitting dress that showed how slim she really was and some ridiculous silver heels. He started to unzip the dress and she scraped her heel down his shin, leaving a great scratch and ran towards me. As she rushed through the bushes, she almost ran into the horses. I grabbed her, pulled her onto the horse and covered her mouth.

  “Shush, Danny, it’s me, Kara.” I whispered hurriedly in her ear, worrying that the Hunters would follow her.

Immediately, Danny stopped struggling, and I could turn the horses round and start to gallop.

  “They’ve killed our master!” cried Danny “At least, they say they have and he has disappeared.”

  “Don’t worry, Danny,” said my master, making us both jump “I’m here.”

  I felt Danny go limp in front of me as she fainted onto the horse. We continued in silence, so as not to wake Danny, as she probably needed to sleep. Even though I was feeling exhausted, I was trying not to show it. I had so much adrenaline as well I probably couldn't sleep. Soon my master took the reins out of my hands and, much to my surprise, I slipped into a deep sleep.

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