Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


7. Fever

MY HEAD WAS HOT. My eyes dripped. My mouth swelled. My brain roared as I struggled to defeat the fever that had overcome me. My body seemed heavier than usual as I struggled to stand; I barely noticed my master and Danny as they sat beside me, my guardian angels.

 Then came the hallucinations.

 I saw bears and dogs, cars and horses, pens and writing, plus a million other things. I had lost my grasp on reality and could feel myself slipping. After a week, I had given myself up for lost. My master still looked over me but I could tell that he did not think that I would win this battle. I could see it in his face, but even then I wasn't sure if he was there any more. The only thing that I knew was there was the pain, taking over my body, killing me from the inside. Make it stop, I begged. I don't care any more, just make it stop. I heard myself creaming but it didn't sound like me, I was a tortured beast, squealing in distress. Life was pointless, I had no aim, no reason to live.  I forget about everything and just screamed in fear over and over. The only person who still believed was Danny.

 Every hour, she would wipe my brow with a damp cloth, feed me water, give me medicine. She kept me going, encouraged me to keep going, to hold on. She cared for me, believed in me yet I barely noticed. She was my anchor to the ground, to those around me and wouldn’t let me slip away.

 The fever was like nothing I had experienced before; it drained me and left me empty, hot and dehydrated, struggling to breathe. It was like I was in the sea, way out of my depth, fighting to stay at the surface, slipping under and bobbing back up. I thrashed around, trying to get away and had to be restrained. I ended up marring Danny, huge scratches left along her arms from when I tried to claw my way out. Even though I was weak, I was still much stronger than her and, at times, she ended up lying across me to stop me getting out, fearful that I would hurt myself.

 Months later, I started to recover. It wasn't easy though. For a long time, I didn't see the point. In the end, Danny ended up shouting at me to get back on my feet and it triggered something in me. I sat up. I could see, hear and sense people around me. I was less hot but still more hot than was normal. I couldn’t stand, and my speech was slurred. My throat ached from lack of water. Soon, though, I was on my feet and walking and we were on the road again. I still wasn't healed, not by a long shot, and I could see my Master glancing at me every once in a while he was hiding something. Later, I realised that I had been ill for so long and we only had a year to retrieve the key.

  “Master, how long has it been since she sent me off?” I whispered hoarsely.

  “Seven months.” Was the answer.

  I started panicking. More than half our time had gone by and we had no idea were the Key could be. I felt something stir deep inside me, felt a door open to show a new power. I knew what to do.

  I concentrated with all my might on the Key and nothing else was important, everything faded away. I saw the Key, saw where it was, knew where to go to get to it. I knew it was in a cave ten miles from where we were, next to a book that could turn everything around.

  “Follow me.” I said, my voice recovered, feeling stronger than ever.

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