Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


2. An Unknown Land

  THE DARKNESS CLOSED AROUND ME AS I SPUN THROUGH THE VORTEX, getting closer to my destination, where ever that was. I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t see. There I was, floating in nothing with any way out. I spent several dizzy hours spinning through space, planets and ancient civilizations whizzing past me. I span faster and faster…

  Suddenly, there was a flash of blinding white light. Next thing I knew, I was flat on the floor my nose pressed to the ground. As I stood up I saw a landscape of trees, spreading out as far as the eye could see. Though I was surrounded by trees and grass, it was a total whiteout, as snow lay on the ground like icing on a cake; icicles hung from a lone building as old as time been deserted for a million years. As the sight began to return to my eyes, I saw that I was not alone. Standing there in the snow was none other than my horse, his coat shimmering majestically, the gold of his coat making the snow pale in comparison to his beauty. My horse.

  “Thank you master.” I whispered almost silently, my voice sounding deafening in this still, white wonderland.

  Fidelis snorted, urging me to move. I heaved myself onto his back and, together, we walked towards the strange deserted building. With a gust of wind, I blew the door open so, even though it had been a gentle gust, the door swung of its hinges with a sickening CREEEAAAK! Waiting as my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I sat there. In the room was nothing, empty nothingness yet something was in there, it was just hidden out of sight, a threat is the only thing that tends to hide. Friends make themselves known. Walking Fidelis into the room, the door jumped up off the floor and reattached itself to the door. I felt something drawing near, seeking my out but not with friendly intentions. Shuffle, shuffle, what was that? My head snapped round to the direction of the noise. Shuffle, Shuffle getting louder, SHUFFLE, SHUFFLE BANG! The wall next to me vibrated. I tried to turn my head and look but found I couldn’t as someone walked into the room.

  “Almost, my precious, just missed them.” Something murmured “Try again.”


  A heavy object clipped my ear and the strange person tutted.

  “Your eyesight is getting worse and worse, Uranus; soon there will be no point in keeping you. Now go and get your sister like a good boy.”

  With much flapping, Uranus flapped through the crooked building, off to find an unknown, well, thing. I saw or rather I sensed, the strange person turn to face me.

  “Hello, Star Bearer, I wish I had more time to get to know you before you die  as I usually have more time to find out about what my prey likes, so I’ll know more about how they taste but you’ll come as a surprise, ah” she declared, cheerfully.

  I tried to answer her but found that I could not speak, that she must be the reason that Franchisee wasn’t bolting out the room. I felt anger welling up inside me, trying to move, stop her, kill. She laughed as if she knew, which she probably did, that I was trying to move, to speak, to do something, other than sit there and wait for my fate. That laugh screeched and cackled, moaned and groaned, cried and stung so that all as one it sounded wrong, like a dog that was being chased by a cat. I felt acceptance welling up inside of me, but I wasn’t the one feeling it. She was manipulating my feelings trying to make an easy prey.

  “Vanessa, darling, you’re going to catch mumsie a nice dinner aren’t you,” cooed the strange lady “or it’ll be your brother I’m eating won’t it.”

  A dark shape came shooting out of nowhere and struck me with accuracy in the chest. I fell to the ground and screamed in pain. The lady was hovering over me muttering that she had expected it to be harder and that if I was the last hope for the Star Bearers then they must be pretty desperate as I had hardly learnt my powers and that the Key was never to be retrieved.

   As soon as I heard her mention the Key, anger, fear, sadness, hopelessness, loneliness all came rushing up inside me, filling my body till there was no room for anyone but me. Soon I was up on my feet, tears of humiliation and love spilling over the edge to join the rest of my feelings as they all rushed out to kill those who had hurt me, my friends and all of those I loved till I heard the screams of every Hunter in the universe and all the emotions were gone bar Hope, Hope the feeling of the Stars. I thrust all of that hope out to hurt all that had hurt me. To show I can survive, I can achieve anything and nothing will stop me, ever. That, no matter what happens, I am important and no one should forget me. I can do anything. My home was thousands of light years away and may be destroyed any second but it lived on in me. I would complete my fate, even if it meant dying, I would save the universe and my friends.

  Then everything went black.

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