Journey of the Star Bearer

The story of a girl and her fight to save her people and what she believes in.


1. The Heat of the Fight

THE HEAT OF THE FIGHT WAS SO GREAT THAT NO HUMAN WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GO WITHIN TWENTY MILES OF THE IT. The Key was shimmering, the reason the whole fight was going on, the reason that so many stars were dying, the real reason that is. The primitive life forms on the inhabited planets, such as Earth and the humans that lived there, had been led to believe that all this was because of something called `Global Warming’ which was a load of nonsense. How these creatures have managed to survive so long defeats me.

  Fire and Ice flew through the air as the war raged on, our side melting weapons, our enemies stabbing and slicing. I stood at the edges of the battle field looking for anyone who needed help any enemies that were breaking through. The whole of Starre was in the ultimate battle that would end with victory or the death of the whole planet as we knew it. And it was because someone had betrayed us. The Key had been released and a war had started a terrible bloody war that had destroyed many stars. The balance o9f the whole universe had been tilted and planets were freezing, being perished or surviving with their lives permanently in danger. So we fought for our lives and the survival of the universe. We fought for freedom and the right to be.

  “Kara!” my master called “Kara, the Key, they’re getting to the Key!”

  I saw a Hunter racing towards the key and ran with the speed only I, the Protector of the Stars, could have managed to get there to stop him. My power grew and I raced to stop the destruction of life, of stars and of planets. Soon we were locked in a dance, a terrifying dance that could only end with one of us dying or surrendering and I knew which one would be chosen.

  Fire sparked and flashing, spinning through the Air. Wind gusted around me as if I were in a miniature tornado, getting wilder and wilder, swirling around me as my power grew. The Hunter leapt around me in giddy circle. I felt the power surging through my body as I started glowing brilliant silver, becoming a petrifying, beautiful, silver creature. As the Hunter moved towards the Key I was there blocking their path. Soon the confused look on his face turned to one of anguish, furious that he couldn’t get past. Looking round, I saw I was about the only Star Bearer that was winning their fight as more Hunters appeared from nowhere. My master was battling three at once, shooting fire and ice in all directions, using his power to know their strengths, their weaknesses. A Hunter jumped out of nowhere and attacked Danny from the back as she was battling one at the front. Anger welled up inside me, watching my best friend taken down and shoved roughly into a cage. Once they had finished that they ran over to me to help their friend get to the Key. I was a blur, my instincts taken over, my sight enhanced, my ears searching for danger.

  There was a sickening scream as Joanne, gentle Joanne, was killed. Everyone looked up as another star flickered and went out. The Hunters all whooped and cheered in triumph. Now there was only ten Star Bearers still fighting including me and our prospects weren’t looking good. The Hunters were just playing with us by this time, only keeping us alive for fun, waiting for one of us to falter then go in for the kill. It was like that with all but two of the ten fights. Those two fights were mine and my master’s, both of us still unwearied, fighting our opponents with force and strength. I stabbed and sliced, killing a Hunter with every lunge of my glinting, deadly silver dagger, pushing them back and fighting others. My eyes gleamed and I killed three in one stroke. Occupied, I didn’t notice one of the Hunters slip away from their fight, sneak past me and snatch the key and hold it high in glory. It was over.

  Or so I thought.

  “Put that back” my master shouted with deliberation.

  No one had been fighting when my master spoke up but all too soon the Hunters began rounding the last of us up, jeering and laughing at the feeble attempts to escape. I ducked and weaved, never grabbed, until I burst out of the ranks of Hunters to watch what they were doing to my friends. I grabbed legs ducked, hide myself and grabbed out again, never touched, only bringing others out but try as I might I couldn’t stop them from taking the others prisoner.

 Once they had finished shoving everyone into one cage, they turned on me, over five hundred all coming towards me with several thousand more in the camp one hundred yards away. I struck out again and again, screaming with anger, furiously trying to reach my friends. I felt a presence next to me, full of the same anger, the same grief. Xansa. My friend crept, invisible, into the centre of the Hunters and set the grass on fire, trying to scare them away from the cage but they just backed away from the fire towards the cage, closing in tighter. The Leader summoned a raincloud and the fire died. Someone grabbed me and I struggled furiously then melted into the shadows and reformed in the cover of the trees leaving a very confused Hunter hugging mid-air. I watched and saw how they were humiliating my people.

 Now the Key was in enemy hands you could see the power draining out of us. Xansa flicked into appearance and collapsed. I rushed in, grabbed her and raced back to the trees in less than three seconds. I was by far suffering the least but felt drained even from that quick dash. Gently, I lade Xansa down amongst the trees and returned to the courtyard to watch what was happening

  “Please,” begged my master “Please just put it back. All this can end if you just put it back!”

  “Come and get it then, old man, come and get It.” taunted the lead Hunter.

  Then she dropped the key. Instead of hitting the ground, it sank through. All stared horrified at the point where it had disappeared, unable to believe that something that old and precious could sink into the ground.

  “I’ll offer you a deal.” murmured the lead Hunter “If you send one of your people to go and get the key and if they manage to retrieve it in one year, you can keep it and we’ll leave you alone, but if you fail then you give the key and the whole Universe over to us.”

  “It’s a deal!” cried my master “Kara, this is your destiny. Save the Star Bearers, save our people.”

  The Hunter smiled and just said “Well, little one let’s see you prove yourself”

They all looked towards me, the chosen one, Camilla’s champion, destined to save them, but I was only twelve. How was I supposed to rescue the single most precious thing to our people? I looked around for my friends but they were all trapped, except Xansa who had disappeared. Then the whole world span and I fell to my knees. I saw the lead Hunter grinning wickedly at me so I pushed my anger out towards her. The last thing I saw was the Hunter struggling to get up off the ground, held there by my anger for her.

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