Unexpected Love

My name is Katerina Williams , Kat for short. I moved to London after finishing high school in Bradford. High school was the worst for me because of Zayn Malik. He made it in his best interest to make me miserable. It wasn't always like that though but now.. I have no doubt in my mind that we both hate each other. I thought my luck would change when I moved to "England Arts School," but does it really?
I received the only scholarship to the pleasant-looking college from my music teacher and today is the day I start.Here goes nothing. A fresh start of a new school life.

**Imagine that this was before they got really famous, just after What Makes You Beautiful was uploaded to Youtube and Vevo and before the tour. **

A big thank you to the writer of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" ( I think her username was Harryscoathanger.. cool name by the way) You're book gave me inspiration for this one :)


10. Rehearsals

~*~ 2 weeks after the truce ~*~

The Performing Arts class hasn't been working on the Musical as much as I thought we would be but that's okay... it gave me more time to do our first assignment. It was a written task and it had to be about our role in the musical, including the importance of the character and/or a short script as if it was a deleted scene. 

I had gotten to know Rosie and Diana so much more and I'm so glad they were the people I decided to hang with. It wasn't like high school where the only way to get together was during lunch breaks... this was like everyday whenever we could hang out.There was no hassels between me and anyone... yet but that's okay, things like that would happen eventually. One Direction are really nice. Niall and I are as close as besties and I'm glad because we have so much in common. Zayn and I are actually pretty close aswell which is really good because everything is behind us. It was like the dark parts of high school didn't happen. Speaking of Zayn, he hasn't been much help in my classes, he's just been judging everyone but mostly as a peer student, very typical of him.

I'm starting to develop those type of feelings.. where you don't know if you want to get to know them better or if you miss them or if you actually like them. These feelings are going towards Zayn. I don't want to have these feelings though. I don't want to ruin the friendship we have now, it feels like we never even had that fight and I don't want everything to just be.. a pile of dog poop.

"How could you Emma? With my best friend?" Zayn dramatically says as we were practicing our bit for the play, it was one of the most saddest parts.
"I didn't- I..B-but, it's just..." I break down into tears (acting it out not for real that is) "You.. I... I loved you... I still do... You're the person I think about before I go to bed, the one I still hold on to... hoping you'll just talk to me at school... I never meant to hurt you like that,I just thought if I kissed someone else I would be able to get over you"
"Emma." Zayn says as he walks over and cups my cheek. " I didn't know you felt like that."
"How could you? You were basically going out with every girl in school. You never stopped to talk to me even though we had been friends since we were infants.You weren't supposed to know anyway." I start to walk off(off stage)
"I'm sorry, I- Please, don't go " Zayn says with a bit of real feelings, it was like he really didn't want me to go, "Emma, please."
"I can't handle this anymore James, I... gotta go."  I say walking completely off stage.
*Cue the sound of the car crash.*
"Oh my...EMMA!" Zayn yells and runs off stage

"That was a wonderful scene you two. I really felt the emotion." Mr Wadderbol says as he wipes his right eye from a tear falling.
"Thank you Sir." Zayn and I say in sync, everyone was applauding us, I was really happy that we have achieved so much. It was actually pretty nice to be the main character. The scenes though were very emotional and it's just..wow.

~*~ After Performing Arts Class ~*~

"It's uncanny isn't it?" I turn around to Zayn after closing the door of our dorm room.
"Haha, what?" He smirks.
"The musical. It's so... it resembles us so much." I sigh.
"Yeah I know." the tension in the room increases and saddens at the same time.
"So excited to learn the songs next week! Do you think it's gonna be like grease or something?" I smile, trying to ease the tension.
"Maybe? I hope not. Grease is pretty lame." Zayn whines.
"Haven't changed a bit have you?" I laughed.
"Of course not." His playful smirk appears once again.

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