Unexpected Love

My name is Katerina Williams , Kat for short. I moved to London after finishing high school in Bradford. High school was the worst for me because of Zayn Malik. He made it in his best interest to make me miserable. It wasn't always like that though but now.. I have no doubt in my mind that we both hate each other. I thought my luck would change when I moved to "England Arts School," but does it really?
I received the only scholarship to the pleasant-looking college from my music teacher and today is the day I start.Here goes nothing. A fresh start of a new school life.

**Imagine that this was before they got really famous, just after What Makes You Beautiful was uploaded to Youtube and Vevo and before the tour. **

A big thank you to the writer of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" ( I think her username was Harryscoathanger.. cool name by the way) You're book gave me inspiration for this one :)


5. Home sick

The rest of the day was A-okay, I made so many friends and all the teachers seemed to like me already but by the time I got back to the dorm room I felt sick. Not like physically sick or anything.. maybe mentally and spiritually. I took a nap and when I woke up, I was facing a photo frame that has me with my parents. To be honest, I was already feeling homesick and I missed everyone back home; friends, family, pets... everyone! I took out my phone and decided to video call my dad.

"' Ring "' Ring "' Ring "' - No answer.

I tried my mum's phone. 

"' Ring "' Ring "' Ring"' Ring "'

I was so close to hanging up but the phone stopped ringing and one of the loading signs came up. Then there they were, mum and my dogs Princess and Lucky.
"Kat!" Mum says in joy.
"Mum!" I smile, " I've missed you so much!" I confess.
"But Honey, it's only been 2 days."
"I know, I know, it's just that yeah, I've never really been away from home and I just wanted to see how things were." I couldn't stop smiling. Though the connection was terrible I was glad to know that family was a phone call away. 
"Things have been great, your dad's outside doing something and I'm here with the dogs." She says patting Princess and ruffling through Lucky's fluffy fur. 
"Oh you wouldn't guess who's here." I sigh.
"Who? I thought you were the only one at school who got the scholarship?" Mum questions.
"Yeah, I was. But turns out Zayn is here. With his band, apparently they got together during Xfactor." I explain but as the phone's connection fastened, I could see clearly the mum's facial expression, she wasn't that surprised.
"Mum? Why aren't you.. surprised?" I trail off.
"Well while you were at work and or doing homework I've been watching Xfactor and I did see him on Xfactor." It was as if she was keeping it secret.
"Why didn't you tell me?" my voice raised a little, without intending to.
"Because you and him had that fight but his mother and I are still close, she told me about it aswell.She's told me about alot of things" 
"Mother! How could you? I'm your own daughter and you should've told me, I would've been happy for him.. maybe.. probably not but still!" I tried to lower my voice but it got louder and louder.
"Sorry hun, Got to go." Mum says and disconnects the line.

How could my own mother know about this and still encouraged me to go here. I couldn't believe it. This isn't fair.

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