Unexpected Love

My name is Katerina Williams , Kat for short. I moved to London after finishing high school in Bradford. High school was the worst for me because of Zayn Malik. He made it in his best interest to make me miserable. It wasn't always like that though but now.. I have no doubt in my mind that we both hate each other. I thought my luck would change when I moved to "England Arts School," but does it really?
I received the only scholarship to the pleasant-looking college from my music teacher and today is the day I start.Here goes nothing. A fresh start of a new school life.

**Imagine that this was before they got really famous, just after What Makes You Beautiful was uploaded to Youtube and Vevo and before the tour. **

A big thank you to the writer of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" ( I think her username was Harryscoathanger.. cool name by the way) You're book gave me inspiration for this one :)


11. Can I take you out?

"Hey guys! Wait up!" 

We hear a voice from the distance coming louder and louder, footsteps getting near. We being, Zayn and I. Rosie and Diana had to stay and do some props for Performing Arts Class....you know, like painting trees and costume making... ya-dee-ya-dee-yaaaa.

"Wow, rude you guys. You don't even stop and turn around." Niall says, huffing and puffing when he reaches us.
"Haha, Nialler. We knew it was you. You're Irish accent is too hard to forget." Zayn teases, I laugh.
"Hmphh. Uh... well.. Kat!" Niall quickly stops breathing so quickly and becomes all nervous and red.
"Haha, Yeah Niall?" I laugh at his awkwardness.
Zayn and Niall share a weird look and Zayn takes it as a cue.
"Oh. Uh- I gotta go meet up with a teacher, don't wait up." Zany smirks and jogs off.

"So what's this about Nialler?" I say while we walk side by side to my dorm room.
"I was just thinking...Do you like chicken?" He replies and I laugh.
"Of course I do, who doesn't?!" I laugh some more and so does he before he stops very seriously.
"Oh. um. So do you like Nandos?" he says, nervously scratching the back of his head like he had just said the stupidest thing.
"Yuppers. Favourite Chicken place. Better than KFC!" I smile.
"Hahaha, oh so would you like...," he pauses for a bit and stops to look at me, "Can I take you out sometime?" he finally asks. 

Thoughts ran through my mind. What do I say, what can I say? I like him but I thought we were just friends? But he's so cute and his Irish accent is so.. What do I say. He's staring at me like I'm crazy. Hmm.. I'll just give it a go. Okay. So. I can do this. I'll say sure. Or..yes.. Or...
"So?" Niall pleading asks. 
"Okay okay!" I smile and so does he.

~*~ That night ~*~

"You can't sit with us, you're not wearing pink" I mimic the laptop screen as I watch Mean Girls, typical chick flick. I'm in my purple and blue pyjamas, sitting on my bed reciting the lines of Mean Girls. Zayn walks in and plops himself onto my bed. 
"Ew. Zayn. Get awayyyy" I say, jokingly ofcourse. 
"Neverrrr!" he replies and scoots closer. "Watcha watching?"
"Mean girls." I say, without even turning to see his reaction, too attached to the movie. 
"Oh. okay. HAHAH. So what's up?" He distractingly says. 
"I'm watching. Duh." I giggle a bit.
"Right, yeah. So did you say yes?" Zayn questions.
"Yes? To what? " I pause the laptop and turn to face him. 
"Niall?" He laughs. 
"Oh. Yeah. I did! Why?" 
"Aw cutiesssss!" Zayn exaggerates. 
"Haha, we'll see." I laugh and hit Zayn with a pillow.

~*~ Those random thoughts before bed ~*~

So Zayn knew that Niall was going to ask me out? Hmm. Okay. Well I don't know. I still like Zayn. Wait...Do I? I don't want to. Maybe I just miss him. I just don't know. I wish someone could help me out.  

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