Unexpected Love

My name is Katerina Williams , Kat for short. I moved to London after finishing high school in Bradford. High school was the worst for me because of Zayn Malik. He made it in his best interest to make me miserable. It wasn't always like that though but now.. I have no doubt in my mind that we both hate each other. I thought my luck would change when I moved to "England Arts School," but does it really?
I received the only scholarship to the pleasant-looking college from my music teacher and today is the day I start.Here goes nothing. A fresh start of a new school life.

**Imagine that this was before they got really famous, just after What Makes You Beautiful was uploaded to Youtube and Vevo and before the tour. **

A big thank you to the writer of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" ( I think her username was Harryscoathanger.. cool name by the way) You're book gave me inspiration for this one :)


6. "And that's final... FINAL!"

Day 2, or 3 if you consider orienteering and settling in as a day one of my college life. So far so good. I really should be paying attention though, to the teacher right now. I'm currently in Drama class, the second last class, the class before my favourite class; Performing arts. 

Everyone starts packing up since the bell has rung and I do too. I put my books away and headed to the far side of the school to get to class. When I had arrived there was no one but me, Mr Wadderbol and Zayn. 
"Good, You two came early. I have to tell you the good news!" He says waving his hand for me to come closer and I did, I walked closer.
"You two are going to become the two main characters! Surprise!" He says as if to half mock and half be happy with his decision. 
"But- doesn't that mean..." I trailed off and Zayn started to speak.
"I can't be playing the part of the guy who has to go out with a loser like Katerina." Zayn says harshly.
"Now, now. I chose the list and I know who is right for what part." firmly said by Mr Wadderbol and then almost everyone walked in at the same time... Like they were all listening outside of the door and someone was pushed into opening it. It was suspicious because they walked in looking around and having a weird look on their faces. 
"You both can see me after class in my office." Mr Wadderbol whispers to Zayn and I before everyone got close enough to hear. 

~*~ After class ~*~
"I know, I know, That was hillllllaarrriiooouuusss!" I giggle along with Diana and Rosie.
Rosie started to talk but I wasn't really paying attention because I had to turn around to see if I had left anything but I caught a glimpse of Zayn and remembered I had to go to Mr Wadderbol's office.
"Sorry you guys, I have to go to Mr Wadderbol's office because I need to talk to him about having the main part." I interrupt Rosie and Diana talking.
"Oh um, sure, okay. We'll walk you there!" Diana proclaims.
"So what are you going to do?" Rosie stops to ask me.
"I'm going to ask if I can swap parts with someone, maybe you two? I don't know I just don't wont to play Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Although I would like the loud argument part."
"You're lucky though, you get the main part and the attention will be on you!" Diana laughs.
"Pfft, not lucky at all.. not when they main guy's part is Zayn." I scoff.
"Well if you don't get a change just be happy about it. I overhead Mr Wadderbol and other teachers talking about some producers going to watch and One Direction's management and paparazzi." Rosie says.
"That won't be good." I sigh and knock on the office door labeled " Mr J. Wadderbol."
"Come in" Someone shouts, who sounds like Mr Wadderbol.
"We'll meet you back at the dorm." Rosie whispers and walks away with Diana. 
"Sir, I need to talk to you abou-" I stopped because there was a knock on the door.
"Come in." Mr Wadderbol says and Zayn walks in.
"Sir- oh. Um." Zayn says, it was like he was nervous or something.
"Sir, I can't.. we can't.. can anyone else play the main parts?" I pleaded.
"No. I picked you guys for a reason." He says, "You two have a strong vibe and will play this part better than anyone else could ever play." 
"But-" Zayn queries.
"No buts. You two, and you two only." His voice raises a little bit to sound firm.
"Zayn and I can't. We don't get along." I try to explain.
"Yeah, she's so annoying and-" Zayn teases.
"Me? Annoying? Who are you to say that when you've bullied me through high school." I shout to Zayn.
"You two, settle. There is a spare dorm and you two must stay together until you, Zayn, have to leave." He announces.
"I can't, that's not fair, I'm here with my band.. a special guest." Zayn replied angrily.
"I have been given orders to treat you like a student." 
I couldn't help but smile a little at how Mr Wadderbol is pounding Zayn about it then I realized I would have to stay with a room together.
"You two may leave now." Mr Wadderbol countered
"But Sir!" I whine.
"That is my order and that's final." He says pointing to the door.
"Sir." Zayn tries.
"FINAL!" He says and Zayn and I both walk out.
The door was shut on us and I was left facing Zayn. He gave me a smirk and then we both walk opposite ways.


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