This story is a piece of descriptive writing I have written for my coursework.

It is not a full story because I had to do it in 500 to 880 words.

It is basically my version of someones story, who was around when the World Trade Center got hit on 9/11.


3. What happened

Just as I was staggering back towards the building, screaming intensified. People looked up. As I looked up to see what everyone was gazing at, something fell in front of me. People where falling from the sky.

 A body landed about 5 feet in front of me. The sound was horrendous. I heard the sound of bones shattering into pieces. In shock, I saw Zara, well what was left of her, splattered on the concrete.  My heart was nearly jumping out of me.

I would never have thought that Zara was the type to jump out a building. It must have been too much for her. As it was for me.  That was when I fainted and ended up in hospital to live and tell my story.

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