This story is a piece of descriptive writing I have written for my coursework.

It is not a full story because I had to do it in 500 to 880 words.

It is basically my version of someones story, who was around when the World Trade Center got hit on 9/11.


2. Chaos!

I wove my way back through the stalls.  As I walked round the corner I heard a strange, ear piercing noise. I looked up and saw an enormous plane soar right over my head. The sound was deafening. The plane was heading right towards the tower!

8:46, I got knocked to the wall beside me by the impact of a plane colliding into the north tower.  Darkness was falling. Flames as angry as the devil. I saw rubble tumble towards the ground and heard cries from people around. The air was saturated with prayers and dreams.

“KABOOOM!!” People started pouring out of the WTC lobby. Some burnt. Some covered in ashes. Heat smacked my face.  Chest crushing heat. I could hear the sound of rushing ambulances and fire engines, headlights glowed dimly in the distance. Day turned into night due to the suffocating smoke. The sky was as black as ink.  Smoke rushed past the buildings like a giant storm cloud over the sea, a tsunami hurling through the streets. The sound of people screaming for their lives pounded into my skull. Fire fighters plunged into the blanket of darkness.

During all this chaos, I remembered that Zara was in the building. The thought of her not alive sent shivers down my spine. She could have been distracted, stopped to talk to someone on a lower floor. I could only hope.

I saw volunteer fire fighters help rescue the prisoners of the smoke.  So through the curtains of thick black smoke I went. Drugged by the heat. I gasped for breath in the bitter air, looking for Zara through the threatening murk, haunted by the deepening gloom. I heard creaking metal moving above me. My heart was racing, not knowing if I would come out alive. An elderly woman struggled to catch her breath on the floor near my feet. It was a risk I took,  I helped her and a couple other people out of the building. I said to myself, “this is the last time I’m going in”. 

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