This story is a piece of descriptive writing I have written for my coursework.

It is not a full story because I had to do it in 500 to 880 words.

It is basically my version of someones story, who was around when the World Trade Center got hit on 9/11.


1. Before it all happened

It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning on September the 11th, 2001.The infinite sky is motionless above. Not a cloud in sight. Rays of sun hit the windows of the World Trade Centre, gleaming like a seraph descending from the sky. That’s where I used to work. In the North tower, a restaurant called ‘Windows on the World’, on the 106th and 107th floors. Before ‘It’ happened of course.

I had just got to work and was asked to get ingredients from the market across the road. I was told that a couple of items didn’t come that morning. It was 8:15am, the restaurant opened at 9:00am. Enough time to get some well-needed groceries.  I was given money and got back into the small, air-conditioned lift. 7 minutes of irritating lift music, once again. Half way down the lift stopped. “Ping. Floor 53” said the lift. The doors slid open with a piercing screeching noise; a little old man was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. He walked in and gave me a little, nearly toothless smile. “Going down” said the lift.

By the time I got to the ground floor it was 8:25am. I remember being quite pleased to be out of that lift, the poor old man didn’t have the nicest smelling after-shave on. The smell reminded me of my grandma’s house.


I got to the entrance of the building and bumped into my colleague.  Zara was her name; she gave me a tour of the building before I officially worked there. Friends ever since. We said “hello” and had a little conversation. She offered to come with me. I replied “It’s alright thanks. You go on, we can catch up later”. So off she went and I headed across the road to the market.

It was 8:30 by the time I got there. I took out the little post-it note and started looking for the items I needed. My senses absorbed the aromas and colours. Yellows, reds, greens and browns. The sweet smell of melons mingling with spicy ginger lingered in the air. The traders advertised their stalls with their loud annoying voices, all competing with each other. Giggling girls tried out sunglasses, laughing at themselves while geeky boys poured over the latest gadgets. I found a fragrant heap of herbs on the vegetable stall, and then went looking for some oil. It was 8:43 when I had everything I needed and turned to leave.

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