Hurtful Love

Another poem I came up with :D! I got my inspiration from the song "Follow Me Back Into The Sun" with The Rescues :)! Hope, you like it!


1. Hurtful Love


I can’t understand

What they are telling me

It was never planned

It just can’t be


Yesterday you held me close

Your heart beating fast

This was not, what I chose

Bring me back to the past


My mind won’t explain

What has happened

I just go insane

It was not something I imagined


The same words are on replay

Hurting me even more

Why did he have to pay

I have never felt like this before


I want to hold his hand

To kiss him again

But I can’t

Only our memories will remain


I have to be strong

And try to move on

But everything feels so wrong

He is really gone


I want to follow him up there

To feel his love

But all I can do is to stare

At the above


I promised to fight

And I will try

But every night

You will hear my endless cry


Often I think about

What could have been

I want to shout

That our love will win


I am waiting for the day

I will finally see you

I don’t know what to say

But I hope, you miss me too


Love is a dangerous thing

It sounds like madness

Think about, how much joy it can bring

But also how much sadness



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