my london poem (that not rhymitn

Author Note

sadly this poem rhymitjh so don'T rhymin o if in to poem that do not rhymin


2. The day I meet the queen

the day I meet

something really rondom

happened on tuseday

had a packed lunch.


me,mum,dad,litle brother

we saw men shouting"£$£^Y^&*^ I %$j& ! TO some onmdon

person when got Queens place we did not get to

see her but was jolly because I do not went  do my Queen bee sound.the time I


it was the time when asked my mum can go to the loo

she said yes and I went


about mintute I come out my mum was not there

were my mum could she be here could she be there

oh this could be talk to The Queen


when wallke the place I

saw great,breat iron scorchers

and that when I saw

The Queen


she asked some things

and told lost my parents

the queen nice

the not bite at all

 the end of this poem more is come soon...








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