Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7:


Step 2.5..


Mikala left Lana's house and went to the bus stop, she was only waiting for 5 minutes before the bus came.

She got on the bus and got off near Maya's house. she walked up Maya's street and knocked on her front door. Maya's mum answered the door, 'Hi is Maya in?' Mikala said.

'Yeah just a second.' Maya's mum half closed the door and shouted for Maya to come downstairs...'There's a girl at the door for you.'

Maya came to the door. 'Oh, hey Mikala. whats up?'

'Nothing i was just wondering how you are. I saw what happened earlier, You know, when you had a go at Dane.'

'Euggh, dont even say his name...Um, just hold up a minute i'm gonna get my boots on then we can take a walk...i wanna go to the shop anyway.' said Maya.


Mikala waited a few minutes and Maya reappeared.

They started to walk down the street towards the local shop. 'So have you heard from him since earlier?'

'Nope. He doesnt care does he?' said maya.

'Didn't look that way. He walked past me after you guys argued and he didnt look bothered at all.' said Mikala.

'He's convinced Lana had something to do with it...Did she ask you to talk to me?' asked Maya.

'Well, she just said she doesnt want you getting hurt the way she did...but everything i said to you was true though.' said Mikala.

'I mean, you could come up to hers with me tomorrow after school if you like, talk to her. Lana's friend Adel was witness to most of the shit Dane put her through, so she could vouch for all this too. And her brother Tom. Warning: tom is hot!' said Mikala.

'Haha, well I'm giving up on guys...especially the older ones, they always seem to be more immature than the boys our age! How old is he anyway?

'Lana and Tom are 19. In fact her friend Blake isn't too bad either, I think he's 18.' said mikala, 'Just dont tell them i said that.'

'Haha, i wont, dont worry.' said Maya. 'So can i get your number so i can meet you somewhere at dinner tomorrow, then we can sort out where to meet to go to Lana's.'

'Oh so you wanna come?' 'Yeah why not...might be fun watching you blush every time 'Tom' talks to you.' said Maya.

'Shut up...its not funny. He answered the door to me earlier so i started babbling a little bit. i even told him i got the bus up there...HE DIDNT NEED TO KNOW THAT!' said Mikala getting angry at herself.

'Aww, Miki's got a crush!' said Maya.

Mikala laughed and went bright red. Then, to change the subject she said, 'Anyway my number...you wanted it.'

'Ah, yeah.'

They both got out their phones and took each others numbers. Maya went into the shop and mikala started on her way home.

She texted Lana...

Mikala - Hey :) she's agreed to come up to yours tommorow after school...she actually seems really nice lol I might be making a new friend here! haha anyway i'll see you tomorrow :) x

Lana- Aww bless ya, making friends and everything lol Ok well how was she, upset? x

Mikala- No she seemed ok, i managed to convince her he's a dick...she doesnt even want to hear his name :) x

Lana- Dont blame her...anyway going for a shower now..text me tomorrow? x

Mikala- Yeah sure :) x


Mikala was nearly home when she bumped into someone...litterally.

She dropped her phone and nearly fell to the floor. 'Oh its you...' the person said.

'Wha...' she looked up to see that she had accidentally walked straight into Dane.

She hurried to pick up her phone and put it in her pocket.

'Listen kid...i hope Lana's paying you to get involved in other people's relationships...i'm not stupid, i saw you talking to her this morning.'

'Ok look, 1: That was not a relationship, it was a joke, thats what it was. And 2: I didn't want Maya getting hurt, niether did Lana, that is why we had to get involved.' said Mikala.

'You have no right!' shouted Dane, getting angrier by the second. 'You little shit! stay out of mine and Maya's life!'

'You and Maya dont have a life...not together anyway.. I was just with her, she doesnt even want to hear your name. Maybe you should learn to talk to girls properly, and learn how to treat them right!'

Thats when everything went black.

Mikala opened her eyes to a throbbing pain in her face...her nose and lip busted open.

Dane had punched her!

'Fuck!' Mikala's hands were covered in her own blood.

He must have broken her nose, there was way too much blood for it to be nothing.

Mikala turned the corner, and was nearly at her front door.

She started going a little dizzy she managed to open the front door and shouted for her mum.

It sounded a little slurred, she saw her mum come running from the kitchen.

Then she fainted.




Mikala woke up in hospital, the doctor had given her some general anaesthesia when she got into the ambulance so they could fix her nose.

She had to have stitches on her cheek where she'd fallen on glass and stitches in her lip where Dane had punched her.

she looked round and saw her mum sat by the bed. 'Miki...what happened?' she asked.

'A guy, hit me.' Mikala slurred, still drowsy.

'A guy?! i figured you had a fight with those horrible girls at school! I'm calling the police, you have to tell me everything!' her mum demanded.

'I will...let me wake up first.' mikala said. '...Wait! no! dont call the police mum please. Look i'm fine! Just call my friend lana and tell her whats happened, her numbers in my phone.'

'Fine, does this boy go to your school?'

'No, he's like 20 or something. he's my friends ex. Just tell lana that i'm in hospital and its coz Dane punched me.' said mikala not really wanting to talk to anyone.

'20?!?!!?' Mikala's mum shouted. 'I'll kill him myself, how do you know someone that age?'

'Well maya from school went out with him and so did Lana. Will you just hurry up and ring her already?!'


Lana was just setting up the bands equipment for a couple hours practise when her phone rang. 'Hello?'

Hello is this Lana?

Lana- Yeah it is.

This is mikala's mum Maria. She wanted me to tell you she's been punched in the face by a guy called Dane. said you knew him. she had a broken nose and stitches in her cheek and lip. She might want you to come see her, is there any way you can come to the hospital?

Lana- Yeah, course...fuck...right i'll have to get the bus so i'll be about an hour. thanks for letting me know.'

ok, well see you soon Lana.

Lana- ok bye, tell her im on my way.

Ok bye.

Maria went back into the room where Mikala was sitting on the bed having the last of her stitches put in. 'Lana's on her way down now Miki.'

'Ok, thanks mum. look, trust me mum, now he's done this he'll leave me alone...and if he doesnt, then you can call the police. But please just leave it for now ok?'

'Ok fine...But any more trouble...'

'Ok i get it.'


'Guys, i gotta go down to the hospital, Miki's got a broken nose and got to have stitches.' said Lana.

'Fuck...what happened.' asked Blake.

'Apparently Dane hit her...Cant say it comes as much of a surprise to be honest. right i'll be back later, we'll practise tomorrow when im back from college.' said lana.

'Its satuday tomorrow...' said tom.

'Oh, right yeah, i knew that. see ya later.' said Lana as she walked out the front door and ran for the next bus. When she got to the hospital she found Mikala's room and went in. 'Hey chick... You ok?'

'Yeah i'll be fine.' said Mikala.

'Hi, you must be Lana.' said Maria.

'Yeah, thats me, and you're Maria.' said lana.

'Yeah, so you know the guy who did this...'

'Yeah, unfortunately. He's my ex. he cheated on me with a girl in miki's year so we told this girl he was still with me when he got with her and decided to do this... No doubt he'll be coming for me next.' explained Lana. 'Have you called the police?'

'No, Miki doesnt want me to. she's convinced that now he's done this he'll leave her alone.' said Maria

'No, dane's not like that...He's one to hold a grudge. He'll keep coming at us until somethings done about it.' said Lana. 'Miki, you might want to at least consider calling the police.'

'If he does it again, i will.' said said, slightly stroppy.

A week later and Mikala was going back to school.

People asked her what had happened and Maya had texted Dane warning him to stay away from her friends.

He'd stayed home most of the time, most likely scared someone will hurt him for punching, what can only be described as a child, in the face.

BUT, plan 2.5 is back on.

Maya and Mikala had just finished school and were walking up to Lana's house.

They knocked on her front door but there was no answer.

They could hear music so Mikala assumed they were having band practise out the back.

They went through the side gate and went into their practise place.

Lana was singing, and waved at them. when they'd finished that song lana went over to Mikala and Maya and said, 'Hey, I didn't know you guys were coming up.'  

Tom was carrying his equipment back into the house, as he walked past Mikala and said, 'Hey Miki.' 

Mikala blushed and smiled then said, 'Hey.'

Maya laughed at her. 'You're all bright red and stuff.'

'Shut up.' said Mikala. 

'Aww, it's cute!' smiled Maya. 

'I said, SHUT UP!' 

They all laughed at Mikala, then they all sat down inside the house.

Lana sat next to Maya on the big sofa and said to her, 'Look, I asked Mikala to bring you here coz i want you to know that if you get back with Dane, it'll be the biggest mistake you'll ever make. Seriously, the guy is bad news, your better off without him.' She explained, in her most polite but still casual voice so Maya didn't think Lana was trying to threaten her or anything.

'I know. Thats why i got rid.' started Maya. 'He just walked off. Didn't say or do anything...like he didnt even care.' Her voice trailed off.

Of course Maya was upset but she's only young still, she'll get over it soon enough when another boy from school comes along.

'Exactly. He doesnt care. About anyone other than himself obviously.' Said Tom from the doorway where he was standing untangling his earphone cable. 

'You going out somewhere?' asked Lana.

'Yeah, shop, then to town. We need a new extension cable for in the practice room.' Tom explained.

'Ok, See you later then.'

Tom said bye to everyone and everyone said bye to tom and he left. Lana turned back to Maya and smiled. 'You ok?'

Maya nodded, 'Yeah I'm sure I'll be fine.' 



So that was step 2.5 out of the way.

And the fact there wasn't much convincing to do, there won't be any need for step 3 now.

Tomorrow LAna was going back to college. 'I can't wait to tell lisa about this.' Lana said.

'Why?' Asked Blake.

'Coz...I always bitched to her abut Dane when we were together and he was being a dick. She actually told me to slap him once.'

'Fair enough, Lisa sounds pretty cool.' 

'Yeah she is, I'm back at college tomorrow guys so...eah. Dont miss me too much throughout the day.' Said Lana.

'We'll try.' said Adel.


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