Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6:


Step 2...


So today they were starting Step 2: Let Maya Know Dane Is Bad News...


'So how we gonna go about letting her know what he's like?' asked Tom.

'We could get one of our friends to tell her, Someone she doesnt know...Ooh i know a girl in her year at school. I'll text her and ask her to come over.' said Lana

'Hey, need a favor...is it ok if you come round to mine?'

Mikala- yeah, course i can. everything ok?

'Yeah everything's fine, i'll explain when you get here.'

Mikala- Ok then :)

'How do you even know  a girl in Maya's year?' asked Blake

'Well, My friend Jordan has two sisters, one older and one in Maya's year, I took her number a few months back when Jordan had no credit, he was texting me off Mikala's phone.' explained Lana.

'Oh, right.' said Tom.

About an hour later, Mikala knocked on Lana's front door. 'Hey come in!' said Lana.

'So what's the emergency?' asked Mikala.

'Well do you know a girl named Maya in your year at school? she's got short brown hair...she's quite small, blue eyes?' asked Adel

'I think i know who who mean...there was a girl called maya in my english class last year...why?' asked Mikala.

'Well that's Dane's new girlfriend and we've got some things we want you to tell her.' said Adel.

'Ok...' said Mikala

They all sat down together and Lana and Adel explained everything to her.

She'd said that she would help them out and tell Maya what Dane was really like.


Mikala woke up the next morning and remembered what she had promised the girls. 'I'm off to school.' Mikala shouted up to her mum.

'Ok sweetie! stay out of trouble!'

Mikala walked out and went on her way to school.

She got there and saw Maya saying goodbye to Dane who'd obviously walked her to school. 'Hey excuse me? you're Maya right?' asked Mikala.


'Hey i'm Mikala we were in the same English class last year, i was just wondering...you're with Dane aren't you?'

'Yeah, why?' asked Maya.

'Well i just thought i should tell you, he's bad news Maya, he's a little violent and well i dont know how to say this but...he lied to you. when you two got together he was still with Lana.' said Mikala.

'What? seriously?'

'Yeah, i wouldn't lie to you...i've got no reason to lie to you, i barely know you. i just dont want to see you get hurt the way Lana did.' said Mikala.

'Lana got hurt? from what i've heard she was a total bitch to him!' said Maya

'Haha, he would tell you that. He's been a little abusive and not to mention the cheating! i'm not trying to force you to break up with him but i'm just warning you, he's bad news.' said Mikala.

'Oh...um, i kinda dont know what to say to that...' said Maya.

'You dont have to say anything...but when he starts being a dick with you...don't say i didnt warm you.' said Mikala. As she walked off she texted Lana,

Job done :) i spoke to her...anything else you need me to do?

Lana- No that's it for now...but we might need you later :)

Maya went through the rest of her schoolday thinking, what should I do?

Should i talk to him?

Should i talk to Lana?

I'm so confused...

At the end of the day, Maya walked down the school drive to see Dane waiting for her. He waved and smiled as she walked down. She didnt wave or smile back though...

'Everything ok babe?' he asked.

'Yeah fine, just tired and stuff...teacher's pissing me off and everything. I think i'm just gonna go home and sleep.' said Maya.

'Why not take a nap at mine?' asked dane.

'Nah, i'm just gonna go home.'

'oh, ok, well i'll walk with you.'

'Ok.' said Maya.

'So how was school?' Dane asked.

'Ok, apart from Mrs Jenkins having a go all day. Jake had a fight with Brodie and Charlie and sam split up.'

'So full of drama then.' said dane

'Yeah.' said Maya

They walked in silence for 5 minues until Dane said, 'Are you sure everythings ok?'

'Look, i'm fine...the more you ask, the more you're gonna annoy me!' snapped maya.

'I dont care i only wanna know...'

'I do care. Its my feelings your gonna annoy...or dont you care coz you wont feel it and its not happening to you?' said Maya.

'Whoa, whoa whoa..where'd all this come from?' asked dane.

'You, just you....today i realised that you haven't been treating me right.'

'What do you mean?' asked dane

'Yeah...we just sit in the house all day, you tell me to make you drinks, convinced me to bunk off school a few times, you've even called me thick! I'm not surprised Lana got rid of you.' said Maya.

'Don't you dare bring that bitch into this...Has she been talking to you?'

'No, i've just realised...its exactly the same as how you treated her.' Maya said.

'Well how do you know how i treated her?' asked dane, 'Don't lie to me i know she's been talking to you.'

'She hasn't actually, i've been told. And to be quite honest I'd believe them over you anyway. I know you've lied to me.' said Maya.

'Oh, yeah...when?'

'Like when you told me you and Lana split up...You were still with her for like, a month or something...you're a cheat and a liar and i dont want to be anywhere near you again. Bring my stuff from your's later.' said Maya, she turned up her street and walked to her front door without looking back at Dane.

Over the road, behind the wall, Mikala was listening,

she texted Lana...

Hey dude.. :) it worked, maya and Dane just had an argument and broken up, I just saw it with my own two eyes!!!!! HAHA!! I'm on my way to yours now! :) x 

Lana-Awesome :) nice one! Remeber eveything, let me know who said what haha!! x

Mikala - Will do :) x

'Guy's...guess what...' Lana said walking into the front room to Tom, Blake and Adel who'd just finished work.

'Let me guess...You found the other half of your brain?' joked Tom

'No, i ain't never finding that...' said Lana

'What then?' asked Blake

'Maya and dane split up. Mikala did her job well! she saw it too!' said Lana. 'Right...anyone want a drink?'

'Ooh, i could demolish a cup of tea.' said Adel.

'Right-o.' said Lana.


'I'M NOT TOO BOTHERED TO BE HONEST' Lana shouted from the kitchen.

'Ah, well fair enough then.' said blake.

Lana put the kettle on and went to get the milk out of the fridge. 'Where's the fuckin milk!?!?!' said siedah.

'In the kitchen...' said tom.

'Oh...i totally saw that I was just testing you.' said siedah.

She poured out Adel's cup of tea and took it into the front room. 'Oh, cheers babe! You'll be a great wife, you!'

'Haha, yeah...course.' said Lana walking back out of the room to put the milk in the fridge. 'Oh by the way, Mikala's coming round to tell us what she saw.'

'Fair enough. but give it a week and they'll be back together, Maya's a kid...she doesnt understand relationships.' said Tom.

'Yeah and you just gave me a great idea for step 3!' said adel.

'Your thinking what i'm thinking...' said Lana to Adel.

'Most likely :)' smiled Adel.

Lana went back into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich.

When she had finished and ate it there was a knock on the door.

Tom went to answer the door 'Hey mikala, come in. How was school?'

'Boring, boring boring...until i saw Maya have a go at dicky Dane! Then i got the bus up here.' she said.

Lana came out of the living room into the hallway, 'Hey! so come sit down and tell us everything!'

Mikala explained everything...what Maya had said to Dane and what had happened when she told him it was over...

'He didnt even seem bothered, he just walked off! Arse... But i have a plan, I'm heading back down towards Maya's so i can call in and say i saw what happened and wanted to know if she was ok...want me to tell her anything while i'm there?'

'Ooh, well i suppose you could tell her she's better off without him and she can do better...suggest maybe bringing her up here tomorrow after school too. Then we can talk to her about it.' suggested Adel.

'Yeah, then we'll convince her that he'll always be that way and to not get back with him cause he's just a dick! want a drink?' asked tom.

'Umm, yeah can i have a coffee?'

'Course you can!' said tom.

'So, thats step 2.5...Me and Adel already have a step 3.' said Lana.

'Why dont we just have this as step 3 and our plan as step 4?' said Adel

'Coz 2.5 sounds cool!' said blake.

'Haha, fair enough...So lets get step 2.5 out of the way!' said lana. 'Mikala, do you need any money for the bus?'

'Nope, i got a return ticket. so when i've had this coffee, i'll get on my way then maybe give you a ring or text you.' said Mikala.






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