Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


5. Chapter 5

(Here's : Its a little short but not much more needs to be said here...


I don't think so anyway...


If you want it longer let me know or give me ideas on how to make it longer.





 Chapter 5


Jesse And Amy:


Before they started on step 2, they decided to visit Jesse and Amy, and talk to them about how Dane's been acting recently.

Adel knocked on the door.

Amy answered. 'Oh hey guys! come in.

They all went inside and stood near the front door.

'Amy, i wanna ask you something. You know a few weeks ago, when Dane was bitching about me to you when he was here, 1, why didn't you tell me so i could get rid of that creep sooner, 2 What was he saying, 3 is he starting to annoy you...Ooh and 4 did you know he was cheating on me with a 15 year old?'

'Umm, OK well, I didn't tell you because i didn't want to get involved in what could have turned into a massive argument. He was saying that your an idiot and you don't know anything and your stupid and need to give up with the band coz your never gonna get anywhere.' She explained to Lana.

After a few seconds, she carried on talking. 'And yes, he is beginning to annoy me... he keeps telling us how to live in and run our own house... telling me how to spend MY money that I work for... telling me i need to let him look after my money so i don't spend it... telling me i need to have rules and stuff... he's trying to become the boss of my house.' said Amy.

'And we definitely didn't know about him cheating on you, coz that we would have told you.' Said Jesse

'Oh right, well thats fair enough. Does he know he's annoying you?' Asked Adel

'Oh, please! that guy wouldn't know it if i punched him in the nose!' said Amy

'Please do...!' said Adel.

'...Before i do.' She then added as a mutter.

'Well how did you know he was cheating on you?' asked Jesse.

'Well he'd started acting different and stuff. i knew something was going on...i'd even seen texts to Maya saying he likes her boobs! But i didn't know he was cheating on me with her until last week when we saw them at the park.' said Lana

'Yeah that reminds me, apparently you lot have been going around telling everyone rumors about Dane.' said Jesse.

'They aren't rumors...there truth. Dane deserves everything he gets right now. He's a cheat, He racist, he laughs at disabled people...the guys a creep!' said Adel.

'Dont worry about them two, we'll keep them on a tight leash!' said tom.

'Shut up! Whatever you do tom, do not try to hold me back when i get angry!' said Adel.

'Ok...sorry.' said tom sarcastically cowering.

'We've already completed Step 1 in taking him down. Letting everyone know what he's really like. Now step two starts tomorrow.' said Jayden

'And step 2 is?...?' asked Jesse.

'Well, I've decided the original plan isnt gonna happen to we came up with a new one that won't fail. and step 2 is just to let Maya know what she's getting herself into, without letting Dane know it was us. We're not doing this to hurt Dane, we're doing it to save the poor girls heart before he plays her too.' said Adel.

 'And i know just how to do it...' said Lana.



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