Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3.


And The Storm Finally Arrives.


'What is your problem.' Dane shouted opening the front door.

'YOU......YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! ALL YOU DO IS PUT ME DOWN, TELL ME IM USELESS AND THAT I SHOULD GIVE UP ON MUSIC, WELL DO YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING...Im gonna prove you wrong Dane. I'm gonna make you feel pain, I'm gonna turn your world upside down and make you feel the way I've felt for the last 9 months...You'd better watch your back Dane...It's time for the downfall of Dane Marshall.' Lana said evilly.

Lana turned to look at Adel who was glaring at Dane and as she would say, 'About to stove his head in.'

The door was slammed shut and Lana turned around.

'Right Adel are you at work tommorow?' Adel shook her head to say no. 'Awesome i'll take the day off college to make a plan then. We're gonna make him pay.'


It's plan-hatching time:


'So, step one, mess with his head the way he did with you. Step 2, make sure no girl in the world will ever want to go near him, step 3...Is there a step 3?' said Adel

'Of course theres a step 3...generally fuck him over.' said Lana. 'The end.'

'Haha. this should be fun. Before we start, how are we gonna mess with his head?'

'Oh trust me Adel, i have my ways.' said Lana.

So Lana, Tom, Jayden, Blake and Adel went out to meet a few friends, while they were out they saw Dane...but they ignored him.

He kept looking back at Lana and Adel giving them dirty looks until another girl, 15year old Maya, came running over to him and hugged him,

'Hey babe!' She shouted happily.

Dane looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

'Oh so it was true haha! i knew it.' said Lana.

'Wait... you already knew?' Asked Adel.

'Little bit...yeah.' said Lana


'Well the way he was acting towards the end of our relationship...He'd tell me to go round but he wasn't in, he'd lie about where he was like yesterday when I came to meet you after being at Jesse's, he told me to come round he wasnt there i waited for at least an hour and a half then he finally turned up at Jesse's 5minutes before I did. It's obvious something was going on.' said Lana.

'She looks quite young.' said Adel.

'Yeah, that's Maya Hopebrook. She's 15, 16 in October.' said Blake's friend Ben.

'Oh, really? 15? thats just plain wrong dude.' said Adel.

'Eew! the creep makes me sick!' said Lana. she might have said it a little too loud because Dane and Maya turned around and looked at her.

'I couldnt care less if they heard me.' said Lana before Adel had a chance to say what she was about to,

'I think they heard you.'

'That Dane guy is a little creepy though...where did you meet him...actually no, wait, when did you two even split up?' asked Ben.

'Last night. and i met him through a friend. Beginning to wish i'd never even known of his existance.' said Lana.

'What exactly happened?' asked Ben.

'Long story, Blake will probably tell you.'

'Right well...you look like your thinking.' said Ben.

'Oh yeah, me and Adel are planning his downfall. not sure what we're gonna do exactly but its gonna end up with him on a heap, crying, on the floor, coz he's finally realised that no one even likes him and that his life is over.' said Lana.

'Sounds like a beautiful plan.' said Ben. 'I'll go speak to Blake then i'll help you out if you want?'

'Yeah, if you like.' said Adel. 

'Awesome, i've never really liked the guy. Anyway, where's Blake.' he sid turning around. 'Ah its ok, i found him...BLAKE! I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING!' shouted Ben.

'Dude there's no need to shout i'm only about 7metres away.' said blake.

So Ben and Blake were talking about what happened between Lana and Dane.

Ben came back over to Lana and said, 'Right Bitch needs taking down...where's my granddads shotgun when you need it?'

'Whoa...we're not planning on killing him!' said Adel looking shocked.

'I was joking Adel...That was a joke.'

'Oh.' said adel.

'A shotgun might come in handy though. at some point.' said lana.

Ben and Adel were looking at her, confused.

'I dont mean now, i mean like at some point in life, you might need one.' said lana. 'I love freaking out out Adel, you should see your face...its great!'

'I've just taken your number from Blake. i'll come round later if thats ok?' said Ben

'Yeah, thats fine dude.' said Lana. 'Make sure its after 5 though.'

'Ok i will. see you later guys, i got go anyway now. Babysitting...' said Ben

'Aww. well have fun, i'll see you later.' said lana.

'See you later dude.' said Adel.

Ben went over to everyone else and said bye to them and then he left.

' I think he likes you.' Adel sang in Lana's ear.

'No he doesnt, i've known him ages, we're just friends.' Lana said.

'Really, i thought he was Blakes friend.'

'He is but i know him too. it's just him and blake are a lot closer than me and Ben are...Maybe Ben's the "lady-friend" Blake didn't tell us about.' laughed lana.

'Haha, you never know.' said Adel.

Dane and Maya had left the park now because they knew everyone was bitching about them. On their way home Maya said, 'Babe...why does Lana still have a problem, you broke up ages ago right?'

'Err, yeah its been at least two months, because i got with you about a month ago wasnt it?' Dane lied.

'Yeah, why doesnt she just accept the fact you've moved on. Anyone would think you only just broke up with the way she's acting.' said Maya.

'I know right.' said Dane.


Lana and Adel decided to go to the shop. Tom, Blake, Jayden and their two friends Lee and Jason came with them. 'So what was all that about earlier?' asked Lee.

'What do you mean?'

'That whole thing with you and Dane. I didn't know you two split up.' said Lee.

'Yeah it was last night. I finally got si...'

'Wait, last night?' interrupted Jason. Lana nodded. 'He told me you split up a few weeks ago. i never thought anything of it though because i didnt really know you. i mean this is the first time i've spoken to you properly. said jason

'Oh...well it was last night. these guys were there. i can tell you why he told you that though!' said Lana.

'Why?' asked Jason.

'Well he's been cheating on me with that kid Maya. he just tried to cover his tracks by telling everyone we'd split up.' said Lana. 'Didn't work as well as he'd planned.'

'No, obviously not...i never knew he was THAT much of a dick!' said Jason.

'Yeah well, some people seem all nicey nice when really they're just hatching a plan to fuck you up.' said Lana. 'To be honest, i'm surprised she's putting up with him, i gave up listening to him and bending over backwards for him after about 3 months! Feel sorry for her, she's so young and going to be treated like shit.'

'If only there was a way we could get it through to her that he's bad news and get her to ditch him before he tears her apart.' said Adel smirking.

'You've got a plan...' said Lana.

Adel nodded, still smirking.

'And you know you're gonna tell me this plan...' said Lana

Adel nodded.

'Like, now?'

'Nope...later, still working on perfecting the plan. not telling anyone till its complete and fool proof and all that bollocks.' said Adel.

'Ok, must be a good plan.' Said Jason

'No, its just one of those plans where nothing, and i mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...can go wrong.' said Adel.

'So its a risky plan?' asked Lee.

'All of Adel's plans are risky, some of them fall through, some of them dont, and some of them are just plain genious.' Explained Lana

'And this plan, is a little risky, could fall through, and if it does we'll end up looking like the bad guys, and also a hint of genious in there too.' said Adel.

'Cant wait to hear it!' said Lee. 'I've decided, i'm gonna help you take him down.'

'Bitch deserves it, in my opinion.' said Jason.

'In everyone's opinion.' said Adel. 'I tried telling Lana he was bad news but he's that much of a snake he made her believe he was actually nice to make me look like a 2 faced bitch...when i was actually right about him all along. you should have listened to me lana.'

'I know...i'm sorry.' said lana.

'Hey! i never said i needed an apology, just next time i have a hunch...trust it.' said adel. 'Dane's never liked me anyway, for some reason. i dont know why.'

'Probably because your German.' said Lana. 'You know what he's like...proper racist and shit. Can't stand it when he's like that.'

'Did he ever bitch or be racist about me when you were around?' asked Adel.

'Not when i was a round but i've been told he has been racist a lot but they didnt tell me who it was aimed at.' said lana.

'Well that's just given me a great idea...you know how all these lot are like proper against racism...you know how dane is apparently friends with them lot...You see where i'm going with this yet?' said adel.

'Tell all them lot back on the park that Dane is a racist and they'll fall out with him...' said Jason.

'Exactly. And thats something we can do now. After we've finished up in the shop.' said Adel.

'See, this is why i love you Adel. you're so clever.' said Lana.

Tom walked out of the shop. 'Right we're done now...we going back to the park?' he asked.

'Yeah. And we've got a new step 1 of our plan and we can do it when we get back.' said Lana.

'Umm, ok.' said tom. 'What is the new step 1?'

'Letting everyone know that Dane is a racist, ooh i just remembered something...one time when we were in town, there was a guy in a wheelchair who had no legs and Dane was laughing at him, then he told me a story where him and his friend, or cousin i cant remember, saw this leg-less guy fall out his wheelchair and they didnt help him they just walked past laughing at him.' said Lana 'We could tell everyone he takes the piss out of disabled people.'

'But put it in a better way than that.' Tom said.








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