Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:


Then You Show Up...


'So you up for a girly night in Tom?' asked Adel.

Tom is Lana's twin brother.

He plays bass in their band.

Then there's Rox, he's the drummer, his real name is Rocky but he's been nicknamed Rox for years,

Blake is a guitarist, Lana is the lead singer and she can play violin and piano and sometimes plays guitar if she needs to

...if Jayden doesn't show up for practice.

Jayden is Adel's younger brother, he is only 17 and the youngest of the group.

Jamie is Lana's other best friend.

Lana and Tom are 19, Blake is 18, Adel is 20, Jamie is 20, Rox is 18 and Dane is 22.

'Girly night sounds fun. Hope you dont mind but we've planned a bit of practice for later, you can stay and listen if you like.' said Tom.

'Yeah I'd love to watch, you know I love to hear you guys play.'

Lana and Toms foster parents were quite rich so they had a soundproofed practice space in the back garden.

It wasnt huge but it could fit everyone in with their instruments and a few speakers and amps.

Lana went into the kitchen and put some food in the oven.

'Right girly night starts now!' she said after closing the oven door.

She put a timer on and Lana, Adel, Tom and Jayden went upstairs to chill in Lana's room because it was the biggest.

Lana's room was where they write all their songs.

Adel had helped them write a few songs before but realised song writing wasnt her thing.

Lana and Adel were around the same size so Lana let her borrow some clothes to change into.

'I cant wait to get out of this ugly uniform. It feels like im wearing cardboard.' said Adel.

'Haha. well you can borrow this.' said Lana holding up and black and purple top with roses on it and a pair of black skinny jeans.

'Thanks Lana.' said Adel.

'its ok dude.'

'So whats the plan?' asked Jayden.

'So where's Blake is the question...' said Tom

'Thats a good point he hasn't been in all day. hey, do you think he's got a lady friend he hasn't told us about?' said Jayden.

'Why wouldn't he tell us?' asked Adel

'Well he knows Lana always takes the piss, 'aww Blakeyboo got a girlfriend, ooohhh young luurrvve' thats why I never tell her anything.' said Tom. 'So yes it is possible Blakeyboo has a lady friend he's not telling us about.' said Tom turning to Jayden.

'Well why dont you ask him when he gets back?' asked Adel.

'Oh, Adel, you have no idea how hard it is to get information out of that boy.' said Tom.

'Oh please it'll be like taking candy from a baby for me.' said Adel

'Yeah, he'll scream and cry and will hang onto it as tight as he can. Then maybe spit up on you.' said Jayden.

Just then the bedroom door opened. 'Talking about me?' said Blake.

'Actually yes...yes we were. Where have you been all day? Do you have a ladyfriend you haven't told the guys about?' asked Adel.

'Yeah I do actually.'

Adel turned around to Tom and Jayden and said, 'See? I told you it was easy.'

'Oh shut up. He's probably just in a good mood.' said Jayden.

'No just felt like admitting it because I heard everything so I thought i'd prove you wrong about 'hard to get information out of me' so...so...yeah!' said Blake sticking out his tongue.

'Oh,' said Jayden and Tom at the same time.

Lana was just sorting her folders out and putting them in seperate drawers.

One for her college things and one for their songs and everything band-related.

Lana was the one who did the organising because she knew how to make it all neat and easy to get to.

They'd put all their songs in date order and in different folders, like albums, so any that were in one folder were all in date order.

'You sure do like to be organised.' said Adel.

'Yeah until it comes to her room.' said Tom.

'Its an organised mess. I know where everything is. But in my opinion the songs and my college work is more important than a pair of socks that actually match.' said Lana.

'Do your socks match today?' asked Jayden.

'Nope. My left one is red, and the right one is blue. Thing is i dont think the red ones mine..'

'Well I just so happen to only have one of my red socks. YOU STOLE IT!!' said Tom.

'You can have it back when im done with it.' said Lana.

'Make sure you wash it first.' said Tom.

'Nope... I'm gonna put it on your nose, unwashed, while you sleep.' said Lana smiling at her twin. 'That'll be a nice thing to wake up to :) '

'Yeah totally...can't wait.' said Tom sarcastically.


They hung out for an hour and Rocky had joined them.

They ate pizza and chips and listened to music.

Tom grabbed his bass and Rocky got his drumsticks, Blake got his guitar and Jayden got his.

Siedah plugged in her mike and they started discussing what songs they needed practice on.

Adel had nipped out to the shop and was going to be back in time to hear them practice.

They decided to practice Suffocating Me, The Sin and Thunder and Lightening.

Adel had helped them write The Sin and they were all pretty happy with it so decided to leave the lyrics as they are and tried to work out how the song would sound.

This was the 7th time they'd ever played this song and they were still a little rusty but getting better.

'I think you'd do better in front of an audience.' said Adel.

'Why do you say that?' asked Blake.

'Well you'd want to try harder and do better. Might help if there were more people watching.' said Adel.

'Thats kinda a good point.' said Tom. 'Anyway are we gonna start?'


They started to play the song and Lana started to sing.  

Adel always said Lana had the voice of an angel.

She had her own style of singing but sometimes got compared to Amy Lee from Evanescence and Anett Olzon from Nightwish.

Adel kinda had a feeling that the song Suffocating Me meant something...like Lana was trying to tell her something...like it was about something Adel should know about.

She couldnt be sure though.


Suffocating Me


I'm here dying,

I'm not breathing

All i can see is betrayal.

I'm fighting, bleeding.

With your hands,

round my throat

I beg you to leave me.

I'm fading,

Now it seems

You can not hear me...


You see, my heart

had been broke,

cheated, defeated.

I feel lost but i know

I will not fall.


I believed in you

believed in your love

that you'd show me the way

I have to be, without you

I have to be sure you will not stay

I'm bleeding

Not breathing,

I finally see,

You're suffocating me.


Fearing you

I can not love you

No more, your betrayal

Am i flying? or dying?

Your heart, so empty

I begged you to love me.

So one day, you'll see

you can not kill me.


I believed in you

believed in your love

that you'd show me the way

I have to be, without you

I have to be sure you will not stay

I'm bleeding

Not breathing,

I finally see,

You're suffocating me.


My god, i still believe

My heart will grow strong someday

My god, i don't believe

That he will give up one day.


My blood flows like a river,

My soul cries, for a sweet release

I have been, decieved.

But i will not...

I'll never cry


I don't believe in you

or your love

or your sorrow

I have to be without you.

For reasons only i know

I'm fading

I'm bleeding

Finally i see

You're suffocating me

I believed in you

believed in your love

that you'd show me the way

I have to be, without you

I have to be sure you will not stay

I'm bleeding

Not breathing,

I finally see,

You're suffocating me.

Suffocating me


Lana always looked like she believed in what she was singing, like it meant something to her.

She's got great stage presence so i cant really tell if its supposed to mean something, Adel always thought whenever she heard them play this song.

In fact, a few times she could have sworn she saw tears in Lana's eyes...

When they had finished their practice, Lana went straight back into the house and into her room. 

Yeah...something is definately wrong here. myabe its Dane...

'Lana? you ok?' asked Adel.

'Yeah i'm fine why, just tired now. I think im getting a sore throat too.' said Lana.

'Oh...thats not good. Not for a singer anyway. Good thing is though, you still sounded great tonight!' said Adel.

'I hurt my wrist...' said Rox putting on a baby voice.

'Aww. its all that bashing you do on the drums.' said Adel.

'Yeah it wakes me up every damn morning!' said Lana

'But the drum kits in the room on the back yard.' said Adel.

'He's got a smaller set in his room. beginning to regret getting him them.' said Lana.

'Right i think its time for more junk food and some pop.' said Jayden. 'I'm quite enjoying this girly night we're having. What about you Blake?'

'Oh yeah im loving it.' Blake said putting on a girly voice.

'You should invite your ladyfriend round for a girly night sometime.' said Rox.

'Haha! And have you guys scare her off? no thanks!' said blake

'Oh, but you know you love us really.' said Lana.

'Of course i do. we are practically family really arent we.' said blake.

'Exatcly.' said Tom. 'So when is your 'family' meeting your girlfriend then. She could be our sister-in-law one day, hehe!'

'Yeah, and i dont take any joy in thinking about that...in fact im actually scared FOR her.' said Blake sarcastically.

Lana was just tidying up her desk, putting pens away and putting her notepads and drafting paper back into her folders and putting the folder in a drawer.

'Adel? would you do me a huge favor and check the computer desk for my clear folder? its got a few new songs in...i cant find it anywhere.'

'Yeah sure.'

Adel went downstairs and looked in the dining room for the folder, she looked on the table and the computer desk, behind the printer and under the table...nothing.

She went back upstairs and told lana she could find it.

'Fuck... i better not have left it at Dane's.' Lana said.

'Why not?' asked Adel

'I'll explain later...when we're alone.' said lana.

'Let me guess you've wrote a song about dane being a absolute dick and its obvious its about him and you dont want him to see it?' asked jayden.

'Thought you thought dane was cool.' asked Tom.

'I did, but I've realised he's an arrogant, stuck up, two faced bully. All he does is have a go at people, like my friend Morgan was having problems with her boyfriend all he did was have a go. And when Danny started going out with Lauren he had a go at Danny because Lauren was two years younger than Danny, he thought it was 'wrong and disgusting.' Explained Lana. '

There's nothing disgusting about it though, she's 17 and he's 19. I mean Dane cant say much...you do know he went out with a 15 year old when he as 20 right?' Lana carried on.

'Really?' asked Adel. 'But anyway, thats Lana's boyfriend we're talking about...so lets stop.'

'No no carry on...it seems you guys know more about him than i do.' said Lana.

'Well we dont wanna say anything to offend you.' said Blake.

'Ah, yeah Blake, you've known Dane for how long? is it 5 years?' Blake nodded. 'Well what was he like with his ex's when he was with them?' asked Lana.

'Why?' asked Blake.

'I wanna know if its just me he's a dick to or if he did the same to Leanne and Bronwyn.'

'Well leanne was the 15 year old he was with, she ended up skipping school to spend time with him. She says it was him who made her do it but he says she made the choice by herself. I, personally, dont know who to believe because obviously I've known Dane for years but i also became good friends with Leanne. I know he used to lie a lot and i know Leanne cheated on him so she's also quite a good liar. But when he was with Bron, everytime i saw her she seemed upset or ditracted, kinda like you have been recently. So no...your not the first girl he's dicked about. I'm still not happy with him for how he treated Natalie either, she was also young when he was with her, she was 16 and he was nearly 20, he made her life hell and actually made her cut herself...She had to sleep with him when he wanted it otherwise he'd go off on a strop and have a go at her.'

Adels phone vibrated in her pocket...


New message:




So its not just me...x


Adel looked up at Lana and said, 'Can i talk to you outside for a minute, i'll give you a fag too, you look like you need it.'

'Yeah.' said Lana. They both walked out and talked outside for a while.

'So is that what he's like with you?'

'Yeah most of the time, there are a few times we have a laugh and stuff but it never lasts long. He wants sexy time when i dont but i still do it because like Blake said, he'd go on a strop, i have to make hima cuppa every morning even if i've got to get to college or something. He had a go at me for not waking him up once when i was ill. I got up when i was at his about to go to college but ended up not being able to breathe properly so I rang college and said I was ill so I sat in the front room till 12 so Dane could get his sleep. Then he came down and bitched at me for not waking him up. I kept saying it was because i wanted him to get his sleep and stuff but he still had a go. i'm just glad to hear its not just me he's been a dick with.'

'Oh my god, Lana... you should have said something sooner. Thats bang out of order he can't treat you like that!.'

'Yeah i know...But im too much of a wimp to say anything to him about it.' said Lana.

'Well im not! I'm telling you next time i see him he's getting it! i'm having his head...on a stick.' said Adel.

For the first time in a while Lana actually laughed...Not a fake laugh but a genuine laugh. Maybe thats what makes her happy... Maybe what she needs to do is plan the downfall of Dane Marshall.

'Right...lets go back inside, its freezing out here.' said Adel. They stood up from the doorstep and adel asked, 'You ok now? think you can carry on having our happy girly night, even though we're the only girls here?'

'Yeah im fine.' Lana smiled.

So the night went on, they played some music and chatted, they ate junk food and chatted more and had a laugh. They were having a great night.....


Until half 11 when there was a knock on the door...




'Thanks for ditching me.' he said as Lana opened the door.

'You just walked out of Jesse's to spend your night with this bitch!' he shouted pointing at Adel.

'Hey! what makes you think you can walk into someone else's house, start having a go and then decide you wanna insult her best friend?!?' Adel shouted back, her german accent coming out more with every word.

'Shut up, slag, im talking to my girlfriend.'

'Well if you keep acting this way, i wont be your girlfriend for much longer. You promised me a night alone, so WE could hang out, together for once without your stupid stoner low-life friends. You bailed on me to play Borderlands with Jesse. I asked you if it was even gonna happen, you snapped at me to shut up, so i went to meet people who actually give a fuck about me!!' Lana shouted slamming the door in his face.

'Well our nights just been ruined' said Tom.



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