Hate What You've Become

(Based on a true story :) . )

Lana And Dane had been together for almost nine months.
She was happy and so was he.

Lana's friends were happy for her, glad she'd finally found someone who loved and cared for her...well thats what they think.

Lana and Dane have a bitter fallout and her and her friends want revenge...but not in a gruesome way...

Dane always put Lana down and tried to rip her dreams away from her, he hates to be proved wrong, so that's exactly what they'll do.

But will there be a happy ending for Lana?

Or will Dane succeed in breaking her down and making her give up??

Read On To Find Out!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The Calm Before The Storm


'See you tommorrow Lana.' Lisa said as Lana got out of her seat and started to collect her things.

Lisa is Lana's college tutor.

'See ya!' Lana said and she walked out. Lisa went into Claire's office. Claire is the manager of the small training college Lana went to.

'Claire, you know how you say that if I think there's a problem with any of our learners, I should tell you?' said Lisa.

'Yeah. Everything ok Lisa? You look worried.' asked Claire.

'It's Lana, recently I've noticed her getting quieter and quieter. She'll get upset over nothing and will cry if she simply cant answer a maths problem. It's really not like her.'

'Well keep an eye on her and if it carries on or she gets worse, bring her to me and we'll have to talk to her, make sure everything is ok.'

'Ok i will do. Well the back classrooms tidied so I'll be off now. See you tommorrow morning.' Lisa said.

'Bye.' Smiled claire She's got me worried now!. Claire thought.


Outside, Lana's college friend Sophie was waiting for her. 'Hey, which way you walking home?' she asked.

'I'm going to Dane's for a bit.' said Lana.

'Oh, ok well are you in tommorow?' asked Sophie

'Yeah but only in the afternoon, I'm at my placement in the morning.' she said.

'Ok right well i'm gonna be off. I'll text you later if I can find my phone hehe. I haven't seen it since last night I havent got a clue where I put it.' said Sophie.

'Haha! ok Soph, I'll see you tommorrow.' said Lana.

Sophie walked towards the bus station to go home and Lana walked to Dane's house.

She knocked on the door but there was no answer, so she went round to the back door thinking he might be in the back room with music on so he couldnt hear her knock.

She peeped through the window but she couldnt see him. she knocked on the back door and waited but still no answer, so she decided to text him. 'Hey babe, you in?xx'

She sat on the doorstep and fussed Dane's cat that was wandering around outside.

'Hey Charlie.' She said.

She waited for 5 minutes then she knocked on the door again.

Still no answer.

She texted Dane again but he didnt reply.

She decided to go back into town and get some food while she waited.

Its 3.30 in the afternoon! He cant still be in bed! She thought.

Just then she felt her phone vibrate.

Thinking it would be Dane she quickly pulled it out of her jeans pocket.


New message (1)




'Hey I found my phone, it was down the side of the sofa! :/'


Lana text back saying just, 'Yay!'


Where could he be. Lana thought as she sat down with her burger she got from a small burger stand in town.

When she finished her burger she got up and wlked to the shop to buy a cheap energy drink. She put in her earphones and started playing her music.

'Breaking Bejamin - Had Enough.'

For another half an hour she wandered around town.

Still nothing from Dane.

'Maybe he's up now but hasn't checked his phone or has no credit to reply and let me know he's up and I can go round.

But he was texting me last night, he has unlimited texts! Whats going on?' she thought.

Lana had always been the kind of person to think about things too much and works herself up about it.

But when she had a hunch, 8 times out of 10 she was right.

And she knew something wasn't right here.

But she decided to take a walk back up to Dane's and not think about it.

He was probably just asleep, she kept telling herself.

Dane's cat was still sat outside on the windowsill.

Dane's bedroom window was open.

Was that open earlier? Lana thought.

She knocked on the door and heard movement.


Dane's mum opened the door. 'Hello love, Dane's not in but come in anyway have a coffee or something.'

'Thanks, I've been waiting for him for ages. I came round and knocked on the door but he didn't answer I've text him 3 times and i'm not getting anything back. Do you know where he's gone?'

'No sorry I've only been back from work 10 minutes.' said Dane's mum.

'Right, ok.'

'Sit down love i'll make you a drink then i'll give him a ring for you. He's more likely to answer if its me. He'll think he's done wrong so instead of putting it off he'll answer straight away to avoid the punishment being worse the longer he leaves it!' Dane's mother laughed.

'Thats a good plan.' said Lana.

'Is everything ok Lana? You've been a little quiet recently. And I know dane's been out a lot more and not letting you know.'

'Yeah, Jane, everythings fine.' said Lana.


Jane didnt know Lana was a good liar...

And right now she was lying through her teeth...


Jane brought in Lana's coffee and rang Dane.

He didnt answer. 'We'll try again in about 10 minutes. His phones on he just didn't answer. Why dont you go check if he's in his room, he might just be fast asleep.'

'Yeah, good idea.'

Lana went upstairs to see if Dane was in his room, she opened the door and Dane's kitten Tabby ran out.

No Dane but there is a cat.

She went back downstairs into the living room and said, 'He's not in his room. He must be out somewhere. If he's not back soon I'll go round to Jesse's he might be there.'

'Ok then love I'll keep ringing him for you anyway. I'll let him know your looking for him.' said Jane.

'Thanks, I'll finish this coffee and then I'll walk to jesse's. It's not far only a 5minute walk.' Lana said.

'OK love.'

Lana and Jane sat in the living room and watched TV until Lana finished her coffee.

Then Lana got up and grabbd her coat and said, 'Right I'll go see if he's at Jesse's.'

'Ok, I'll still be in when you get back just walk in.' said Jane.

'Oh OK.' said Lana.

As lana closed the front door she thought to herself I know somethings not right. I cant quite put my finger on it though.

She got to jesse's house.

Jesse lived with his girlfriend Amy.

She knocked on the door hoping he would be there.

Amy answered and said, 'Oh hey Lana, come in, Dane''s just got here. Were you supposed to be meeting him?'

'He told me to go to his when I finished college I've been waiting for him for an hour now. Where's he been.' Lana said as she walked in and took off her coat.

'Dont know. As far as I know he's been home all day.' said Amy. 'He's upstairs playing on the Xbox with Jesse.'

'Ok, thanks.'


Lana walked upstairs and went into Jesse's room. 'Hey, where have you been I've been waiting at yours for an hour with your mum.'

'Oh, sorry babe, I completely forgot.'

'You told me to go to yours straight after college. So where were you then, Amy told me you've only just got here.' said Lana.

'I was in town.' said Dane.

'Oh, well I did text you 4 times.' said lana.

'I'm playing borderlands babe don't start moaning at me.' said Dane.

'Well you could have at least paused it for 5 seconds to let me know where you were.' said Lana starting to get a little bit pissed off.

'Whatever.' said Dane.

Lana sat down on the bed next to Jesse and Dane and they hung out for a while talking and having a laugh.

Jesse went downstairs to make pizza. 'When are we going back to yours babe? Want to have some time to ourselves without everyone being around.'

'We'll have to have time to ourselves tomorrow I told Jesse I'd be here today.' said Dane.

'But you also promised me you'd be up and in for when I finish college, and that we could just have time to ourselves for once. We've always got your annoying stoner friends around and I just want to be with you sometimes...just you.' said Lana.

'I'm sorry but I made a promise to my friends.'

'You made a promise to me too...me, your girlfriend. You'd rather break a promise to your girlfriend than your friends. I'm sure they're stoned enough to understand that a couple wants some time alone.' said Lana.

'i'll stay here for another hour then we'll go to mine...ok?' said Dane a little snappy.

'Ok.' said Lana.

So for anouther hour and a half Lana sat there in silence just watching Jesse and Dane playing on the XBox. 'Thought we were going soon?'

'We will just hold on.' said Dane.

Lana signed and leaned against the headboard of Jesse's bed. She took out her phone and texted Adeleigh.


hey what you up to? x'


Adel- nothing much hunni, you x?


nothing just been waiting around for Dane for over two hours now, he promised we'd go back to his soon to be alone for a while but im still waiting...he said that an hour and a half ago :( what you been up to today? X


Adel- nothing just finished work. I would come to see you but you and Dane will be having time to yourselves.


I wouldn't count on it, I got a feeling he doesn't want me around if I'm honest :( X


Adel- aww babe :( I want you around...your my best friend you know that right?


Yeah course. I'll ask him if he's planning on leaving Jesse's anytime soon if not I'll text you and I'll come meet you :)


Adel- ok :)


'So babe...are we having alone time at your's or should i just leave and go meet Adel?'

'Lana will you just shut up!!!'

'I think that answers my question.' Lana got up and grabbed her coat and texted Adel.


I'm coming to meet you, where are you now?'


Adel- just walking up by your street actually.


Oh well i've just left Jesse's


Adel - i'll walk that way to meet you then. we'll go to yours and chill for the night.


Sounds like a fucking fantastic plan!


Lana walked towards her street and Adel was walking down to meet her.

When they met they went to the shop. 'So why was he being like that with you?'

'He was with Jesse and his stoner friends playing Borderlands or something daft. He just hates me being around when he's playing games. If he gets annoyed with the game he takes it out on me.'

'Talk to him about it.' said Adel

'I would but he'll probably snap at me again.'

'Well for tonight how about we forget he even exists and have a girly night in?'

'With Blake and Tom?' said Lana

'Oh do they live with you now?' said Adel.

'Yeah, we're a band now aren't we. We want to get as much practice in as possible. It's easier now we all live together.' Smiled Lana.



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