The 64th Hunger Games

Alandra Trevena is scared of nothing but one thing: getting reaped for the Hunger Games. She's 14 years old and lives in District 10. Her dad is the mayor of the district, what makes that her family has more money than the rest of the people who live there. She spends every day with her boyfriend, Fenton Livingstone. He is three years older than her, 17, and he's really strong. He'll protect her to anything. But then they both get reaped for the Hunger Games. Can he still protect her?


2. No worries.

We were sitting in the fields behind my sister's farm. It was a warm summerday; the sun always shone in District 10 but now it was warmer than a regular day. I was wearing a black top and dark brown shorts, and I was still sweating. The boy in front of me was wearing a white T-shirt, and it was hard not to look at his eyes, which were very oustanding and attractive. I knew I had fallen for those eyes. "What are you thinking about?" he asked, smiling. I didn't answer. I was lost in the maze of his eyes and I couldn't take mine of them. Behind those magical eyes, I could see our whole future, our house, our children. I felt his hands on my legs and immediatly my skin started glowing where they touched it. My hart started beating faster. I was so in love with that boy. "Alandra?"

"Alandra?!" I look up, confused. But I don't see the face I exspected. No it is Daniella. "Girl, I know you're dating the hottest boy in the district, but please, don't ignore me," she says agonized. I feel my cheeks go warm. It was almost 2 years after Fenton and I first kissed, out there in the rain. He's been my boyfriend ever since. "I'm sorry, Danny. Can you forgive me?" I say, pretending to be innocent. We are sitting in the classroom, waiting for the teacher. History of livestock is about to begin, but the teacher is always late. That's too bad, though, because I like the subject. During history of livestock, we learn about cattle breeding throughout the years. One day I'm sure I will have my own farm, so I need to know all about it. But still, I can't concentrate. Fenton is in my mind and he won't go away, not that I don't want to think about him. In two days it is our 2-years anniversary. And only thinking about him makes me want him even more. Daniella gives me a fake angry look, just when the teacher walks in. He apologizes, because he's late, and takes his place in front of us. Daniella returns to her place, in the front, the furthest away from me. That's because we talk too much if we sit next to each other. Now I'm sitting next to Alexandar, one of the nice boys of my age. Most of them think they're cool and they are very arrogant. But Alexandar is more mature, and I can talk to him about serious things. We're not hanging out outside our classroom though. Sometimes I wonder if he would like to do something, but I never asked him. And now I have a boyfriend who gets my full attention.

I'm the first person in the corridor when the bell rings. While Daniella's trying to catch up with me, I walk to my locker. I drop my books in it and look around the corridor and there he is. It's like everything is in slow motion. The only thing that matters is the boy right in front of me. He walks through the crowd, laughing and joking with his friends. His dark hair waves when he walks and he has little crinkles by his eyes when he smiles. He is so beautiful when he smiles. I can't hear anything besides his laughter and his voice, while he shouts stuff to his friends. But then he notices me and his smile turns even brighter. He walks towards me and it's like he has forgotten about his friends, just like I do. He wraps his arms around me and gives me a kiss, slowly and intense. "Hey Allie," Fenton whispers and he gives me another kiss. "How was your day?" I ask. We walk hand in hand through the corridors towards the exit. "It was okay," he answers. "I missed you." He gently squeezes my hand. "Don't we have to wait for Daniella?" he asks suddenly. "Oh right. I totally forgot about her," I say, looking over my shoulder. But there she is, talking to one of Fenton's best friends, Chann. "Guess she's busy," I say smiling, and we continue leaving school.

On our way towards my home, we pass the mayor's house. I've lived here until this year, because I'm old enough now to work on my sister's farm. But my parents, mayor Trevena and his wife, still live there and it's some kind of tradition to visit them every day after school. "Hi Dad," I say, as I walk into the kitchen through the backdoor. He sits at the table, reading the newspaper. It is one of the privileges the mayor has; he's the only person in the district who receives one. It is about what's happening in Panem, in the other districts, in the Capitol. "News from the Capitol, sir?" Fenton asks smiling. He shakes my father's hand and I give him a kiss on his cheek. "Well, you know," Dad answers. "They are pretty exciting, because of the..." He glances at me, hesitating. Than he looks at Fenton, who is subtly shaking his head. I don't understand what they are saying to each other, without words. So I ask them: "What are they excited about?" But still no answer. "Fenton?" I try, but one look at him tells me it's not going to work. So I try my dad, I know he is easier to influence. "Dad, tell me." He sighs, looks down and mumbles: "They're excited about the Reaping of course."

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