The 64th Hunger Games

Alandra Trevena is scared of nothing but one thing: getting reaped for the Hunger Games. She's 14 years old and lives in District 10. Her dad is the mayor of the district, what makes that her family has more money than the rest of the people who live there. She spends every day with her boyfriend, Fenton Livingstone. He is three years older than her, 17, and he's really strong. He'll protect her to anything. But then they both get reaped for the Hunger Games. Can he still protect her?


3. 2 days left.

"Where are we going, Fenton?" I asked him, smiling. I was walking behind him, with my hands before my eyes. I tried to peak, but he noticed and put my hands back. "You'll see when we get there, baby," he answered. He guided me through a field of high grass, I could feel it tickling my ankles. Although he couldn't hold my hand, because I needed both of them to cover my eyes, he made sure I couldn't fall. I was giggling and laughing along the way, and I knew he was smiling. But then we suddenly stood still. I could hear him walk around me and than I felt his warmth against my back. He slowly took my hands of my face. "We're there, you can open your eyes now." I blinked my eyes against the sunlight and then my mouth fell open. "Wow." It was the only way to describe it. In front of me was the most beautiful view I had ever seen in my life. We were standing on some kind of hill and we could see the whole district from up here. It was like a painting. The centre of the district with it's circles of houses around it. The fields and the meadows, with cows and horses. The farms and courtyards, with pigs and chickens. And than the fence, that encircles the district. It is electrified, to keep us in. I didn't even know that this hill was still inside the fence. "Wow," I repeated. "This is beautiful!" "Happy anniversary," Fenton whispered, kissing my neck. We were 1 year 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. I turned around and pressed my lips against his. It had taken me a while to do that; in the beginning of our relationship I didn't dare to kiss him. I was 12 years old and he's my first boyfriend. After our first kiss, it took us 8 days to kiss again. Because I didn't dare to kiss him, and he was to sad because of his brother. On the eighth day, I finally gathered all my courage and just did it. The kiss was so pathetic that it even made him laugh out loud. But after that, my fear to kiss him was over. Now I'm 13 and it's a daily habit. We spent the whole day sitting on the hill. Fenton even brought a pick nick with him: fresh milk from his parents's cows, chicken that he probably bought from Candace. He'd even bought some apples on the market. It was delicious. When darkness was starting to fall, we returned to the district. But the journey was quite long, I didn't notice that the distance between the hill and the farms was that far. It was totally dark when we arrived at the square. My house wasn't that far from here and Fenton had to go the other way, so I kissed him goodbye. "Are you sure?" he asked concerned. He was 16 years old and he never wanted to leave me alone in the dark. "It's fine, Fen, it just across the square," I assured him. He was silent for a while, considering whether he'd come with me or not. But than he kissed me back and went on his way home. I smiled, he was cute when he was concerned. I continued walking home, still thinking about this perfect day, and my perfect boyfriend. Suddenly, someone walked into the square. I could only see his silhouette. But it was a man, or a boy, I was sure about that. I kept walking, looking towards the person. I heard him talking, but it took me a couple of seconds to realize he was talking to me. "Hey girl!" he shouted. "What are you still doing out? Aren't you afraid of the dark?" I didn't answer. The guy came closer. Now I could see who he was: Derek, a boy from school. He was like 17 years old, and I remembered Fenton talking to him one time. But I could hear in the sound of his voice that he was drunk. Really drunk. Oh why did I send Fenton home, I thought. Derek was now walking next to me. I could smell the alcohol. Only 50 steps left and then I had crossed the square. "Oh, aren't you that little girlfriend of Fenton Livingstone?" Derek asked, giggling. "The mayor's daughter? What was your name again... Alandra!" He grabbed my shoulder, forcing me to stop. "Let go of me!" I said firmly. Although I wasn't really scared of him, I was starting to get a little nervous. "What would Fenton say if I took his girl?" Derek mocked, pulling me closer, trying to kiss me. I just wanted to start yelling, but suddenly I was roughly pushed aside. "Fenton would hurt you," Fenton screamed angrily and he punched Derek right in his face. Derek yelled of pain, covering his bleeding nose with his hands. He quickly ran away, cursing Fenton. "Are you okay, Alandra?" Fenton asked me with a scared look in his eyes. "Yes," I said quickly. "He didn't hurt me." "I should've stayed with you," he complained. He pulled me towards him, wrapping his arms around me. "I'll protect you to anything. I promise."


He promised me once. And it's true. Fenton would protect me to anything. But against the Reaping, he's powerless.

I start shaking and I feel I'm going to cry. I turn around and run out of the kitchen, without saying anything. "Alandra!" I hear my father screaming. I know Fenton will follow me, but I'm faster than him, because I am smaller. I run and I run and I run, fighting against the tears. In cross the square, run through the streets and through the fields. I keep running, even when I've reached the hillside. I climb Fenton's hill, my hill, our hill and when I reach the top, I collapse on the ground, tears running down my face. My heart beats way to fast to be healthy. I gasp for air, sobbing and hiccuping. And I can't stop thinking: "It's gonna be me this year." There is only one thing I'm afraid of. And it's in 2 days.

This will be my third Reaping. I remember my feelings, especially my fear, from the first time I had to participate. That was the year Fenton's brother Erik volunteered to take Fenton's place. That was the year he died. And it was the year my fear against the Reaping has grown even more. The second time, last year, I was so scared that it made me sick. Really sick. Like you-don't-have-to-take-part-of-the-Reaping-this-year sick. And your-boyfriend-may-take-care-of-you-so-he-doesn't-have-to-come-too sick. I was dying of my disease, and when the peacekeepers came, they said I could stay home. Fenton volunteered to help me and my family, and he could. Probably because I'm the mayor's daughter. I had never seen my family so scared and concerned before. Every other kid would have died, that's how sick I was. But when the Reaping was over, I was OK. Healthy as ever. It was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, but I was glad, because I didn't had to go to the Reaping.

But now, besides my extreme fear, I'm feeling fine. I have no reason to stay home. I have to participate. And my name will be in that bowl 6 times. There are children of my age who have to put in their names more times, like Daniella, because they can get extra food that way. But since I'm the mayor's daughter, I have enough food. I tell Daniella every time she don't have to take those tesserae, that I can give her as much food as she wants for her and her family, but she won't take it. She's too proud. And Fenton. He's three years older than me. He's seventeen, which means his name will be in there for at least 21 times. Although he never tells me whether he take tesserae or not, I know he does, but I don't know how many times. He has to feed his mother and his father. You'd think that the people in District 10 have enough food, because we're in charge of livestock. But we have to give almost all of our food to the Capitol, and the things we can keep, we try to sell on the market. Fortunately it's legal in District 10 to have a market. So Fenton's family, who owns a cow-farm, have to give a lot of their milk and meat to the Capitol, practically everything, because they don't produce enough. His parents don't work as hard as they did before Erik's death. They can't anymore. And I can't blame them. But that's why Fenton needs to take care of their food.

Speaking of him, I can hear him climbing the hillside. He finally catches up with me. On normal days, I would laugh at him, because I'm faster. But today I don't. "Don't ask me if I'm okay, because I'm not," I snarl at him. "OK, I won't." He sits down next to me and crosses his legs. He doesn't say a word, and I'm grateful, because I will get mad if he does and I hate getting mad at him. After a while, I start talking. "I didn't realise school ended today. It explains a lot, why everyone was happy and sad at the same time." I look in the distance. As always, the view amazes me, although I have seen it many times before. I take a deep breath. "Fenton, I'm scared," I say. "I know," he says. Finally, he puts his arm around my shoulders. I know I wanted him to touch me from the moment he arrived, but I was too busy thinking about the Reaping. "You're name is only in there 6 times. There are other people too. Alandra, it's not going to be you," he tries to comfort me. "But what about you? I know you have a bigger chance of getting chosen." I start crying again. "I don't wanna be picked, but I don't want you to be picked, either!" "Sst, it's okay. It's not Reaping day yet," he says, stroking my hair. He holds me close, until I'm calm again. Than he looks me in the eye. "I know you are afraid. That's normal. I'm scared too. But you are a strong girl, I know that. And you have to believe it yourself. Try to put away your fear and be strong, like you are every other day of the year." I look away. "Is it a sin that I'm weak only one day?" I ask. "No, of course not!" he says. "That's not what I meant. I think it will help you if you try not to be afraid of the Reaping." He pulls me closer and gives me a quick kiss. "Hey, and I will be with you. Not right next to you, but in mind. I'll support you." I lean forwards and we kiss slowly. Our lips move together like they are one. He smells and tastes the same, warm, salt and also like the flowers that grow near his house. It tastes so familiar, so nice. It feels like he's taking away a part of my fear, and I feel stronger, almost as strong as Fenton said I am.

Maybe I'm strong enough to survive the Reaping.

If I don't get picked of course.

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