Sophie, a one direction crazed 13 year old meets Zayn Malik, falls in love and can't stop thinking about, he secretly loves her but how can he tell Megan his girlfriend?
Love You All
Contains mature Content and some explicit��


2. Waiting for that call


He handed me a slip of paper before I left, on the car ride home I read it, a phone number. Was it his? The note read: I know we don't know each other but there's something about you, Zayn x 

Oh my gosh what the hell Zayn Malik gave me his phone number and might have feelings for me:0 But he's way to old for me he's an adult, what am I gonna do?

My friend told me I had to ring him because he is ZAYN MALIK I told her i knee that but what's would happen if we did have a relationship? Megan Fox would kill me, I may or may not have sex ew sex im 13.I decided to ring him just to see what he wanted.


I'd been staring at my phone for hours now and no reply what if she wasn't interested, that would break me, I know shes 13 but I wanted to meet up with her and go far with her because she is perfect and seems super nice,age is just a number after all...I had to push my erection don't to my groin thinking about her made me horny, my hormones were all over the place and told me I needed her but my head told me I shouldn't im so confused. There was so many things we could do...  my phone vibrated madly, my eyes shot to my phone! unknown number could it be her? 


she replied its me Sophie you left me your number 

My heart leapt but what should I say I know I'm 20 odd and your 13 wanna meet up:/

erm I was wondering if you felt anything for me like emotionally ? 

shit why did I say that?!

Well I do a bit she mumbled 

I asked her if she wanted to meet up just as friends she sounded disappointed, we could go further if you like, I added


Did Zayn Malik just ask me for sex, I know I'm young but I have been fascinated with boys for a while and all the popular girls had, already done it so maybe Zayn could be my ticket to popularity... I replied as sexily as possible

"if your lucky babe" I then hung up, I'm such a slut, haha he sounded really happy, he told me before he was horny I said me too but I wasn't. Zayn had a boner over me what has my life come to?


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