Sophie, a one direction crazed 13 year old meets Zayn Malik, falls in love and can't stop thinking about, he secretly loves her but how can he tell Megan his girlfriend?
Love You All
Contains mature Content and some explicit��


1. Meeting the boys


They were stunning, they beamed at us all, bless them, pens at the ready. Eager fans thundered past me cd's, t shirts, paper clenched in their fists, each determined to get the boys to sign it. I lurched forwards trying to get a look in, my CD held high in the air. I spotted Zayn through the gaps between peoples head, his eyes glimmered a bright hazel, his hair in a perfect quiff with a streak of platinum through the centre, when he smiled he had the sweetest dimples, I loved the way his teeth were pearl White and his lips plump. I couldn't help myself from staring. Before I knew it I was at the front of the queue, in front of my stood Zayn Malik. 

"Hello Darling, can I help you?"

I replied quietly "Yes" 

I handed over my CD he scribbled his signature next to his face so did the rest of the boys but what was so special about Zayn?


Behind all of the fans I could see a beautiful girl, her eyes a beautiful sea blue, her hair lay neatly below her shoulders, she had a very young face maybe 13, right then I had fallen in love but I was loyal to Megan anyway so it didn't matter, she was too young and I had a girl friend, also she probably didn't love me in relationship way just the normal idol love. I couldn't help but notice her pearl white teeth, her slim figure, her perfect hair, face, eyes, nose. 

Zayn pull yourself together she's THIRTEEN FOR FUCK SAKE!

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