Sophie, a one direction crazed 13 year old meets Zayn Malik, falls in love and can't stop thinking about, he secretly loves her but how can he tell Megan his girlfriend?
Love You All
Contains mature Content and some explicit��


3. It's a date


I was wearing my best jeans, my t shirt freshly washed I hope she liked me , on my way to the cinema I was mobbed by fans numerous times, I love them to pieces but I would love some privacy... I arrived at the cinema before she did, i was starting to think she wasn't coming but then a stunning girl strutted down the path, she wore a skin tight mini skirt, with a frilly blouse, her hair up in a bun, the colour of her blouse complemented her crystal blue eyes, making them shine like stars, she looked great... I was definitely in love


He stood there grinning at me with a cheeky look on his face what had he got planned? We strolled into the cinema and bought some popcorn to share and a smoothie with two straws, how romantic:) He paid and refused to let me buy anything, last task was to pull of as an 18 year old hence my heavy eye makeup they didn't ask me my age as I was with 1/5 of one direction. We made our way to the front of Screen 8 we had the whole screen to ourselves ( the wonders of being with a celebrity) The movie contained violence, swearing and sexual scenes, ZAYNS face lit up when that appeared, he looked at me and licked his lips.


She looked so perfect today, I asked if she wanted to sit on my lap she nodded and sat on my lap, my erection was getting bigger and I could hold it in any longer, I lifted her off my lap and lay her on the floor I removed her skirt and her thong and dove straight in...

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