Paisley hale and karina moor have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when paisley is cleaning out her closet and finds a bloody map in it. She tells karina. The big deal is her mom bought her tickets to a one direction concert and its the same day they are supposed to go. Would they go where the map tells the, to go or would they go to the one direction concert instead?? Or both?? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Treasure.......


4. Chapter 4:

Paisleys POV:

We would like you too to do what ever we say. All of us. They said. " umm ok " I said. We went back to my house and got the stuff out of my car and put it in their tour bus. We arrived at boat section. " what are we doing here " Leslie asked. " I hate boats, I don't throw up up tu I'm scared of them" she said. " we're going on a adventure " Harry said while smirking and staring and Leslie's boobs. Leslie noticed and covered her self with her sweater. 

Harrys POV:

Dang Leslie is so hot she has big boobs. I kept staring at them. She noticed and covered her self up with wher sweater I turned around and walked away smirking. 

Leslie POV:

Harry is such a big gigantic perv.

Paisleys POV:

Once everything of our stuff and the boys stuff was in the boat we got in. Leslie stayed behind. " come on Leslie " I said. She just shook her head. She was frozen completely she was scared. Harry comes up agian and stares at her boobs. Then he looked at mine. I shoved his face away. " I can't help it you too have gigantic boobs" he said. I just shrugged.

Harrys POV:

I went up to Leslie and carried her she pushed back but I still carried her to the boat. Her boobs were bouncing up and down every time I stepped. I put her down and she went on her knees. I turned around and told paisley to look at her. After awhile Leslie got up and looked at the water, " it is sstill scary but not that scary " she said. " I'm tired " she said. " come on " I told her. I walked her to her own room. All the rooms in this ship were kinda big. Her suitcases were there. It had two beds one for her and one for paisley. There we're both of their stuff there. I got out so she can change, but I kept peeking. " I'm finished Harry you can come in now" she said. I walked in she was wearing those shorts for sleeping and a tank top. Hehehe she looks smoking. " Harry I want to go to sleep "she said a bit annoyed. I got out and she snuggled into bed. Once I was getting out I saw paisley she was going inside the bedroom. I went to sleep alos but in my own room. Everything went black after that.

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