Paisley hale and karina moor have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when paisley is cleaning out her closet and finds a bloody map in it. She tells karina. The big deal is her mom bought her tickets to a one direction concert and its the same day they are supposed to go. Would they go where the map tells the, to go or would they go to the one direction concert instead?? Or both?? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Treasure.......


3. Chapter 3:

Paisley's POV:

I woke up to the sound of finger tapping on a phone. I get up and look and it was Leslie. I check the clock it was 10:58 am. I get up and Leslie gets up after me. We go downs stairs and get breakfest. Afte that was done we waited until it was 7:00 pm because the concert is at 8:00. 


Alright it's 7:00 let's get going I told her while I was putting on my flats. We raced out of my house we got our puppy's and left. All the stuff were in my car now. Once we were at the parking lot we got out and got in line. Once we were in the front we told the man for meet and greet tickets. Luckily we had money for it. We went inside and waited for the concert to begin. Our puppy's wee In the car. The concert started and we cheered and screamed. After the concert was done we went to the greet an meet  area. They let us into the room. We entered and there sitting we're one direction. We cried and we screamed. They hugged us and we hugged them. We talked for awhile. " we'll girls we have to go now" Liam said. " umm before can we tell you something" Leslie said. " sure" they all said. I told them what the plan is. They all stared. " umm I don't think we can do that " Niall said. " please what do you guys want in return, anything" I told them. " umm well zayn, Harry you guys pick and what ever it will go to you guys" Liam said. They whispered to each other before speaking up. 

" we would like.....

A/N: So hey my little carrots this is the first cliffhanger in this movella called treasure I hope you like chapter 3

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