Paisley hale and karina moor have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when paisley is cleaning out her closet and finds a bloody map in it. She tells karina. The big deal is her mom bought her tickets to a one direction concert and its the same day they are supposed to go. Would they go where the map tells the, to go or would they go to the one direction concert instead?? Or both?? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Treasure.......


2. Chapter 2:

Paisley's POV:

I stayed in my room for the two days I needed to stay to think of a plan. Finally I made a plan. The plan is, that we buy VIP backstage passes to see one direction, we go and talk to them and when we are about to leave we tell them and if they can help us, after that if they say yes we can go and search but if they say no we still go that same day" I told Leslie. " paisley that is the stupidest plan I have ever heard" she said. I just sighed mabye the plan could work you never know " I said. She made me a what ever look. I made her one back. " tommorow is the concert we better pack some clothes, after we pack our clothes we go to the store and buy even more clothes also we would buy food. We will get food at our houses also. Pack allot of stuff you think we would need. " I told Leslie. " umm ok " as she said finishing writing the stuff on a sheet of paper. We packed some clothes of course Leslie went to hers. But after I picked her up in my yellow Lamborghini. We headed to the mall. We went to the clothing store and then to the food mart. " my mom is going to Italy tommorow with my dad" I told her. " mines too but to Mexico" she said. " You can come to sleep over at my house" I told her. " sure" she said. We both we went to my house. We picked some food I had at my house. Of course we had to be real sneaky. We put sandwich bread, mayo, hot dog bread, sausages, popcorn, ice, and many more stuff, etc. we alos brought a solar mini fridge. We put that all in the trunk of my car. " we need more stuff" I told her. " ok"she said. " wait " we both said at the same time. " what about my puppy" we both said at the same time also. " we can bring them" I said. We went to Leslie's house. She got allot of her puppy's clothes. Dang her puppy has allot of clothes. Her puppy is a boy mine is a girl. She got her brand new puppy dog food. Then we left. When we arrived I did the same thing. My puppy and her puppy were playing together. We put on our pjs and went to sleep. 

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