Paisley hale and karina moor have been best friends since preschool. But what happens when paisley is cleaning out her closet and finds a bloody map in it. She tells karina. The big deal is her mom bought her tickets to a one direction concert and its the same day they are supposed to go. Would they go where the map tells the, to go or would they go to the one direction concert instead?? Or both?? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Treasure.......


1. Chapter 1:

Paisley POV:

I woke up to my puppy licking me in the face. I get up and g into my shower and take a shower. After I come out brushe my teeth and go outside to change. I changed and went downstairs to eat something but of course I would brush my teeth again. Why didn't I do that after I ate I thought. I ate and brushed my teeth again. I told my mom I was going To my best friends house Leslie. " oh n you don't young lady you can g right after you clean out you're closet it is a mess a faimily of rats, raccoons, and more types of disgusting rodents can live under there" she told me. It hurt a bit but it was kinda true a faimily of rodents can live in there without me knowing. I go upstairs and clean my closet. When I was halfway done I touched something red. I looked like paint. But I kept on searching. I came across a paper. The paper turned out to be a map. It was all bloody it was gross. I was exited to tell Leslie. This can be real I thought.  Hurried and. Cleaned the rest of my closet and told my mom I was finished. I went straight to Leslie's house. I knocked on her door. She opened. " hey paisley" she told me. " hey" I told her back. " I found this map when I was cleaning out my closet. Mabye it can be real lets go searching for the treasure" I told her again. She nodded her head saying no. I knew she would think its fake. " think of the possibilities that we can find and also it looks old and it mabye is real you always act on the negative side" i told her. " ok fine" she's said. " yay" I screamed and ran to hug her. Well leave on saturday wich is two days away i told her. That's when my mom comes up I quickly hide the map. " hey paisley and Leslie me and Leslie's mom has gotten you guys tickets to the one direction concert" my mom told us smiling big. We screamed we said thank you. " the concert is on Saturday" she said. Then she left. " wait " I said in a great disappointment. " what now paisley" Leslie said. " that's as the day we had to leave" I told her. " we'll mabye we can go the next day" she said. " no on Saturday well make it work " I told her. " umm ok but still I don't know what kind of plan you are planning for us" she told me. I started to plan that day when Leslie left.

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