it stared with a sweet 16

when lizzy's sweet 16 comes up, her mom got austin mahone to come. she just moved so all the girls tht are there just came to see austin. lizzy just wants to listen to music and play basketball but with this party she cant! austin helps lizzy get the sweet 16 she wants.


1. the party

      Lizzy's P.O.V

 "LIZZY YOUR GUESTS ARE HERE!" my mom yelled. i looked in the mirror. i didnt see me. i saw a girl in a butiful dress. i am not a girl who likes dresses. i walked down stairs. ugggg! skyler and her stupid friends are here. "Wow lizz you actuley look good for one." she said. "thanks but i hate it" "i dont care but where is the water?" she said putting her hands on her hips. "over there" i said pointing to the kitchen. i went to sit on the couch. i hurd a know on the door. great its probley more sluts. i went to the bathroom. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" i hurd. i looked behind me. austin mahone was in the door way. OMG! why did i just say that! bad lizzy bad!!!!!!!!!! i turned back around and went up the staris. "LIZZY GET YOUR BUT DOWN HERE!!!!!!" "MOM I DONT WANT A PARTY!!!! I HATE THIS DRESS AND I CANT WALK IN THESE HEELS! IM A BASKETBAL PLAYER NOT A BARBIE DOLL" i screamed.  "I DONT CARE COME DOWN HERE" why do i have to do this! i walked down the staris. i walked twords the punch. "Stupid heels." i mumered under my breath. i tripped and fell. "Ow" "Oh my gose are you ok?" someone said. "Im ok" i looked up my eyes met dark brown ones. right away i knew it was the boy of my dreams.



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