Teenage Dirtbag (not famous)

Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


5. Something about you part 2

Diana's POV

I laid down in my bed just thinking about what happened today. I thought about that rude ass lady at Starbucks which makes my skin boil every time I think about it. Then I thought about Harry. How cute and sweet he is. He is all I ever dreamed of. I know I only met him today but god he is cute. I love his dimples how deep they are when he smiles. Oh my god I have never been this boy crazy before. I can't help it he's just to adorable. I was snapped out of my thought when my phone rang

"Hello?" I said into the phone

"Hey!" I pulled the phone away from my ear because it was so loud. I looked to see who it was and it was my friend Louis. He's was my brothers friend.

"Oh hey Lou. What's up?"

"Nothing just thinking about you. How are you doing?"

"Ok I guess..."

"You guess? What's wrong?"

"Well my dad started drinking again and now I'm staying with my aunt Scarlett."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine. I went to Starbucks today and the lady at the counter was being a total bitch to me. I didn't even do anything to her. I also met a guy today."

Louis and I talked for hours just catching up on things. I miss him. He is he only friend that talks to me. Before my brother died I had a lot of friends then my dad joined the army then we moved to different places.

"I have to go Lou. Talk to you later." with that we hung up

I walked down stairs to my dad here. Crap. I quickly ran back up stairs and hid in the closet. I hope they don't come up here.

After about 10 minutes of hiding in the closet, I heard a door slam. I think my dad left. I got out of the closet and almost jumped out of my skin when my door opened.

"Chill it's just me." Scarlett said laughing "Your dad was here earlier. I told him that you weren't here."

"Thanks." I said with relief

"Sure thing. Well you better get some sleep so you can look good for your date tomorrow with Harry." she said winking

"Ok. Night." I laughed

~Next morning~

I moaned and rolled over to turn my alarm off. I got up and walked to my bathroom. I got in the shower and took a quick shower. I got out, wrapped the towel around me, brushed my teeth, and blow dried my hair then straightened it.

I went to my bag, that I have not unpacked yet, I put on a denim shirt, black jeans, knee high boots, and a white circle scarf. I tucked in my shirt and put on a belt.

I grabbed my purse and walked down stairs.

"Good morning baby girl. You leaving?"

"Morning and yes. Bye!" I walked out the door

Lucky for me my aunt lives closer to Starbucks then I do.

"Hey Diana" I heard Harry say behind me as a walked in the door

"Oh hey!" we both walked up to the counter. Thank god that lady wasn't here. "What are you going to get?"

"The same thing you're getting."

We both ordered and Harry was about to pay but I bet him to it.

"Why did you do that?" he said as we walked to the table we sat at yesterday

"Because you bought me a drink yesterday so it was my turn." I smiled

Harry laughed which made me laugh. Ugh he is so dang cute!

"So what are you doing to do today?" I asked

"Ermm I was thinking about maybe hanging out with you. Is that ok?"

"Y-yeah!" AHHHH. I am dying inside "I will have to ask my aunt but I'm sure she won't care."  I got out my phone and text my aunt

To: Scarlett

'Hey is it ok if Harry comes over?'

I set my phone down about to talk to Harry when my phone went off

From: Scarlett

'Yeah! That's fine!'

"My aunt said it's ok for you to come over" I said looking up at Harry

"Ok well are you ready to go?"

"Yeah." we walked to his car "I think you know where she lives. My aunts name is Scarlett."

"That's your aunt?"

"Yep" I laughed

He started the car and drove her house which didn't take but 2 minutes to get there.

"Scarlett? I'm home." I yelled walking into the door

"I'm in the kitchen." she yelled

"Do you want to play on the xbox?" I asked Harry

"Sure." he said smiling

We played GTA for about 4 hours until Scarlett turned the tv off

"Are you guys hungry?" she said standing in front of the tv "I made tacos"

Harry and I got up from the couch and walked to the dining room.

After about 2 hours of talking, Harry had to go.

"I had fun today Diana. I guess I will see you tomorrow maybe?"

"Yeah sounds great."

Harry hugged me, which surprised me, I hugged back. I didn't want it to end.

I am falling way to hard for this boy and I have only known him for two days.


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