Teenage Dirtbag (not famous)

Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


8. Meeting the boys

Harry's POV

Diana and I were sitting on the sofa watching the telly when I got text. Niall.

'Mate. Where are you? I have seen you in a few days.'

'I am at a friends house.' I haven't told any of the boys that Diana and I have been dating.

'Are you ever going to come back to the flat?'

'I will come back today. I want to talk to you and the boys.'


I know that Diana and I have been dating for a few days but I want the boys to meet her.

"Harry!" Diana said yelling to get my attention. I looked at her. "I have been calling your name for a while now are you ok?"

"Yeah I fine. I was texting my friend. I want you to meet my best mates today. Is that ok?"
"Yeah. I just have to go get ready."

Diana's POV

I walked up to my room and closed the door behind me. I went to my bathroom and took a quick shower. When I got out, I blow dried my hair, straightened it, brushed my hair and walked to my closet. I put on a white sweater that swallows my small figure, pattern legging, a navy scarf, and my ugg boots. I went to my jewelry and got my  infinity ring my mom gave me and my diamond side cross necklace Brody gave me.

I walked downstairs to see Harry and Scarlett talking on the sofa.

"Harry I'm ready." I said standing behind him

"Where are you two kids going?" Scarlett said winking

"I'm taking her to my flat." Harry said standing up from sofa.

"Ok. You kids have fun. But not to much fun." she said winking again

Harry opened the front door for me and we walked to his car.

"You look beautiful by the way." he said pulling out of the driveway

"Thanks." I said blushing

I didn't take long to get to his house because he live right down the road. We got out and walked inside.

"Hey Harr- Who's this is?" a blonde headed guy ask

"This is my friend Diana." Friend?

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Niall." Niall walked off


"I haven't told them that we are dating yet but that's what I'm going to do now."

"Oh gottcha." we walked into the living room and sat down

"HARRY!" a familiar voice said behind me. Louis?

I turned around and sure enough it was Louis.

"Louis? What are you doing here?" I said getting up sofa

"I came to visit the mates. Why are you here?"

"I'm Harry's friend." I really don't like saying that

We both came and sat down on the sofa. Two other guys came in, one had brown hair and the other had black hair

"Diana this is Liam and Zayn." Harry said pointing to them both

"Nice to meet you." Liam said sitting down

"So Harry what did you want to talk to us about?" Niall asked

Harry's POV

I don't know how to say it.

"Diana and I are not friends...we are boyfriend and girlfriend." I said grabbing her hand and squeezing it.

"Alright Harry's got a girlfriend. And cute if I must say." Niall said winking at me then at Diana. I gave him a death glare.

I don't think I would be able to trust him around Diana by their self.

I looked at my phone and the time was 10 p.m. Have we seriously been talk this long? Everyone, even Niall, left about 10 minutes later.

"Is it ok if we just stay here for the night?" Diana said lying her head down on my lap

"If you want. Have you told Scarlett?"

"No can you handed me my phone?"

I got her phone from the coffee table and handed it to her

Diana's POV
'Is alright if I stay over at Harry's for the night?'

'I don't care love.'

'Alright. Night love you'

'Love you too babygirl'

"She said it's fine."

"Ok follow me." Harry said helping me up

He showed me around his house and where everything was.

"You can wear one of my shirts." he said handing me black shirt

I walked to his bathroom, put on the shirt which was like a dress on me, and throw my hair up in a messy bun. Before I walked out of the bathroom, I smelt of his shirt and smelt really good. Ok now I'm being a creep.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Harry playing on his phone. And he was shirtless. Holy shit.  He looked up and smirked.

"Like what you see? Come sit." he said patting the bed

I sat down at looked at him.


"Nothing just a little tired."

We both got under the covers and fell asleep. I wish this was like this every night. Us cuddled up in the same bed. Our legs tangled up together. This is perfect. I love every single bit of it.

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated. I have been busy the past few day. I will try to update tomorrow. Thanks for reading!(: Love you guys!<3

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