Teenage Dirtbag (not famous)

Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


9. Lazy day

Harry's POV

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. Which I don't remember closing them last night. Niall might be here or one of the boys.

"Nooo. Close the curtains back." I heard someone mumble in my ear. I turned my head to see Diana half asleep.

"Aww. So cute." I said kissing her nose

"No kisses." she mumbled again putting her hand on my face. I bit her palm, she pinched my nose in return. "Don't do that." she said speaking clearly this time.

"Ok- you can let go of my nose now-" she let go of my nose and fell to the floor.

"I heard waffles pop out of the toaster!" she said standing up quickly and ran downstairs, me following her.

Diana took the plate from Niall and sat down in the living room.

"I- what- no that's my waffles- what the fuck-" I laughed at a Dumbfounded Niall, staring at Diana.

"Get your own damn waffles. These are mine now!" she grinned

"Fine.." he said stomping back to the kitchen "I am only letting you have them this time." he called from the kitchen

I walked to the sofa Diana was sitting at. "You gonna have to learn not to fuck with his food."

"Oh he'll be fine." she said laughing

"No I won't!" Niall yelled from the kitchen

"Well you shouldn't have woke me up." she said still laughing. Her laugh is so cute.

"What do you want to do today, love?" I asked breaking the silence

"I was hoping that we could just stay here." she said looking up from her plate

"Alright fine by me. Do you need to call Scarlett?"

"No she alright knows." she said putting her plate on the coffee table "Niall you make really good waffles." she said laughing

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." he said sitting on the other sofa

Diana's POV

After Niall finished eating, Harry, Niall and I decided to play just dance on the Kinect. It was fun and very funny at the same time because neither of the boys could dance.

"I'm so tired!" Niall whined

"Niall we only did one song." I said laughing

"But I'm tired!" he whined again

"Me too." Harry whined

"Oh my god. You guys sucks." I said still laughing. "What you want to do then?"

"Let's just sleep." Niall said throwing himself on the couch.

"Fine." I said sitting beside Harry "I am still kinda tired."

Harry laid down on the couch, pulling me on top of him, and grabbing a blanket. We fell asleep just like that

~2 hours later~

"WAKE UP!" someone yelled in my ear

I shot up still on top of Harry "What the fuck, man!" I looked over to see a laughing Niall on the floor. "Shut up." I laid back down on harry who was wake and laughing to. "Can I not sleep in this house?" I said rolling off of Harry and on to the floor.

Harry rolled off of the sofa but didn't land on me he just huffered over me. He leaned in and I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he started to tickle me.

"HARRY- S-STOP!" I yelled trying to breathe. I hate it when people tickle me. I am very ticklish. I then remembered that he said he was ticklish so I tickled him back

"OK, OK." he said throwing his hands in the air. He just sat there on top of me

"You can get off of me n-." I was cut off by Harry smashing his lips onto mine. My god I love his lips!


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