Teenage Dirtbag (not famous)

Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


28. Just another lazy day

A/N: Hey guys! So for some reason this chapter published when I saved it as a draft so yeah. Anyways I hope you enjoy!(:



Harry's POV

"Hello, Mr. Styles." the lady said as Diana and I walked in the lobby. I tried to ignore her. "Mr. Styles." the lady said again. I looked over at her and just smiled. I grabbed Diana's hand and we went to the lift. I don't know who she is but she needs to leave me alone. I pressed 11 and the lift started going up.

"Who is that?" Diana asked still holding my hand

"I already told you. I don't know who she is. I don't even know how she knows my name." I said as we walked out of the lift. "So what do you want to do?" I looked at my watch and it was only 7. It sure did get dark fast.

"Can we eat?" Diana whined

"Yes. What do you want?" I said walking into the kitchen.

"I was hoping that you could order some pizza." she said smiling. I nodded and got my phone out and ordered pizza.

"It will be here in 30 minutes." I looked over at Diana. She was sitting at the table with her head on the table asleep. I chuckled and walked over to her.

I sat down next to her and placed my hand on her back causing her to jump. She sat up and looked at me.

"Are you tired love?" I asked. She nodded and stood up

"When is the pizza getting here?"

"In 30 minutes."

I got up and started walking to the living room. I heard running feet behind me and before I could turn around I felt someone jump on my back.

"Giddy up horsy!" Diana yelled. I laughed and ran to the living room. I went to the sofa and put her down. "Hey I wasn't done!" she pouted

I sat down next to her and turned on the tv. I pulled her close to me and we watched tv until the pizza got here.

"I'll get the pizza!" Diana yelled and ran over to the man. "Harry! Come pay the good man." She yelled running into the kitchen.

I walked over to the man. He was laughing. "Here you go." I said handing him the money.

"Looks like you have your hands full, uh?" the man laughed

"Yeah but I still love her." I smiled.

"Well you guys have a nice day." I nodded and walked into the kitchen

"You hungry?" I asked looking at Diana's plate

"No." she said with sarcasm. I shook my head and grabbed some pizza.

When we got done eating, it was only 8:30 so we went in the living room to play some video games until we were tired. After we were done playing Diana and I went upstairs.

Diana's POV

I walked into the bathroom to brush teeth and get changed. (A/N: I listening to You & I and this song goes perfect with this part!) When I got done I walked into our room to see Harry on the bed almost asleep. I crawled in beside him and laid my head on his bare chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, our legs intertwined.

~Next morning~

Diana's POV

I woke up to Harry and I still in the same position we were in last night when we fell asleep. I looked up at Harry. He was still asleep. I tried to get my phone without waking up Harry but failed.

"Good morning, baby." Harry said in his morning voice. I smiled.

"Good morning." I said still smiling. He pulled back into him. I laughed "Are we going to get up today?"

"Nooo." He groaned "I want to stay right here with you."

"Ok lazy bum." I giggled

We stay in bed for along time until. I started to get hungry. "Harrry" I whined shaking him. He didn't move. "Haz." I whined again. "I'm hungry!"

"Ok I'm getting up." he groaned sitting up. "Do you want Starbucks?"

"Yess!" I said jumping up and down.

He laughed and put on a shirt. "Ok I'll be back in a few. Paul will be here in a bit." He said kissing my forehead

I groaned. "Harry."

"Goodbye Diana." He said walking out

I got up and walked down stairs to the living room. I sat down on the sofa and heard the elevator ding.

"Hello Diana." Paul said coming to sit down beside me

"Hey." I said dryly

"I know you don't want me here but Harry really cares about you. As many people as I've worked for, I never seen anyone like Harry. He really cares about you, Diana." He smiled at me.

"I know he cares about me, its just sometimes he's a little overprotective." I sighed "So, Paul, how long have you been doing this?" I asked changing the subject

"For about 10 years." he said with pride.

Paul and I talked until Harry got back. He's seems really chill about everything. I like him.

"Bye Paul." Harry and I said at the same time, making Paul laugh at us.


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