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Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


38. Day with mom and Scarlett

I was going to update last night but when I went to publish it the whole chapter deleted. I was pretty pissed off because it was really long chapter and now I cant remember what I wrote so I will try and make this long but if I don't then I'm sorry. So yeah I'm going to shut up now:D




Diana's POV

I woke up the next morning with Harry's back faced towards me. He was shirtless and I could see his back muscles. He was, of course, still asleep. I started to trace them, making him groan and turn over facing me now.

"Good morning, baby girl." he said without opening his eyes. He gripped my hip and pulled me into him and placed his hand on my stomach. I grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from my stomach. Harry got up and walked over to my side of the bed. "Come on." he held out his hand and I grabbed it. He pulled me to my feet and we walked downstairs to the kitchen, hand in hand.


"Good morning, sleepy heads." my mother said as we walked into the kitchen. I just stood there looking the other way. She cleared her throat "I'm making breakfast. Do you guys want some?" I still said nothing

"Sure we would love some." Harry smiled showing his dimples. I looked up at him and pointed his dimple, like I always do, making me chuckled.

"Alright, well you two can go sit down in the dining room. I'll get it to you." she smiled

Harry and I sat down and Harry started staring at me "What?" I asked staring at him as well

"Why are you being so mean to your mum?" he asked sounding annoyed

"She was mean to me and so I'm being mean to her." I said as if it were obvious

"Diana, two wrongs don't make a right." I rolled my eyes. "I think you three need to make up."


After about an hour of eating and talking, which by the way felt like forever, my mother and Scarlett thought that it would be a good idea for us three to have a 'girls day' and of course Harry had to agree with them. I didn't really want Harry to stay here by himself but he said that he had to do some things. So I guess I have to be alone with my mother and Scarlett. This should be very interesting.


I went upstairs to Harry and I's bedroom to get ready. I didn't feel like taking a shower so I just threw some makeup on and went over to my closet and got out a blue chevron long dress and sandals. Once I got my clothes on and put my hair up in a messing bun, I went back downstairs and saw my mother and Scarlett waiting for me.

"Ready?" my mom asked. I didn't say anything I just walked out the door.



We went to the mall first. I don't really why because I am not in the mood to shopping. "Why are we here?" I finally said something.

"Because you are going to need clothes that will fit you as your tummy get bigger." my mom said smiling

"How do you know that my stomach is going to get bigger?" wow, Diana, that was a really stupid question to ask.

"I know because I have pregnant once." she winked. I rolled my eyes.

Scarlett caught me doing it and said "You need straighten your act."

"Oh Scarlett. Leave her alone. She's just having mood swings." my mom said kindly

"Yeah, Scarlett." I said coldly

"Come on, now. Lets go shopping." my mom said cheerfully, grabbing my forearm pulling me to a store.



After about four hour in just one store we managed to spend over 1,000 dollars. Harry did say he didn't care how much we spent. I got dresses, pants, and shirts. But mainly dresses because my mom made me. I'll have to admit, I had a pretty good time with my mom but not Scarlett. She's seems like she hates me and she will never forgive me for whatever I did.

"Where to now?" my mom said excitedly

"How about we take this one home and me and you go eat somewhere nice?" I whispered so Scarlett couldn't hear me. My mom giggled then nodded.

"Hey Scarlett. We are going to take you home and Diana and I are going out and get lunch. Ok?" my mom said

"Thank god. I thought you would never take me home." she said coldly

I pulled up to our apartments and let Scarlett out. "Bye." my mom waved.


My mom and I ended up going back to the mall and went shopping a bit more. Not just for me but for her as well, as she will be here for awhile. I'm actually kind of happy that my mom and I made up. I don't know what I would have done if she weren't here with me. I was interrupted by my phone ringing.

"Hello?" I said when I answered my phone.

"Hey, baby. How's it going?" he asked

"It's going good. We are about to come home now."

"Ok. I have missed you all day. I can't for you to come home. I just thought I would check up on you and make sure you guys haven't killed each other yet." I giggled. "I love you baby girl."

"I love you too." with that we hung up.

"You two are so cute." my mom said in awe "Come on lets go." I nodded and we walked to the car.



When I walked into Harry and I's apartment, I dropped my bags on the floor.

"I'm home." I called out. No answer. "Hello?" my heart started beating fast. What if Corey or one of his friends are here? "Harry? You home?" I called out again. Right after said that someone wrapped their arms around me.

I was about to scream until I looked down and saw those tattooed arms. I turned around and saw Harry smiling. "You scared me." I giggled.

"I'm sorry, love." he kissed me on the nose "I've missed you today." he smiled again but this time showing his dimples. I pointed them, making him chuckle. 

"I've missed you, too." I smiled back, laying my head on his chest.



A/N: Heyyy!! Like I said I was legit going to update yesterday but it deleted. Lets hope this doesn't. And if you read my other movella 'You & I' I will be updating that one tomorrow. I was going to today but it's getting late and I'm tired so yeah!:D When I update 'You & I' tomorrow it will probably be at night. But I will for sure do it tomorrow!!






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