Teenage Dirtbag (not famous)

Diana has lived in many different homes. Her dad is in the army and they always have to from place to place. It's hard on Diana because she doesn't make many friends. All she wants to do is live a normal life...


10. Dad...

Diana's POV

Harry, Niall and I were just watching tv until I got a call from Scarlett.

"Hello?" I said into the phone

"Hey babygirl..." Scarlett said sounding very sad

"What's wrong?" I asked standing up from the sofa

"It's your dad actually."

"What about him?"


"Scarlett what about my dad?" I said becoming impatient

"He is at the hospital." she said quietly

"WHAT?! Why?"

"He started to do drugs and drinking. I think he overdosed on the drugs. He's at the hospital right now and he is in critical condition. I'm sorry babygirl."

I busted into tears. This is all my fault. I never should have left him. I knew he was going to get worse but I was a coward and left. I left him. I'm such a fucking idiot.

"Babe are you ok?" Harry said walking towards me

"No. I need you to take me to the hospital." I said still crying.

"What's wrong?" he asked worried

"I will tell you later. But right now I need you take me to the hospital."

I ran upstairs to put on my leggings from yesterday and my ugg boots. I ran back downstairs and Harry and I got in the car drove to the hospital

When we got there, I ran up to the counter.

"May I help you?" a lady asked from behind the counter

"Yes. Can I see Matt Brown?"

"Umm not right now. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes."

I sigh and walked to where Harry was sitting.

"What's going on?" he asked very worried

"It's my dad. Scarlett called and told me that he was taken here because he might have overdosed. It's all my fault. I never should have never left."

"Diana, it's not your fault. You stayed you would probably be the one here not him."

Before I could answer him the doctor walked over to us. I'm so scared right now.

"Are you Diana Brown? Matt Brown's daughter?" the doctor asked. I nodded. "Can I talked to you?" I nodded again

We walked into a room and sat down.

"I'm sorry but your dad did not make it." the doctor said. I put my head into my hands and started to cry. "I'm sorry. We think that he was very depressed and it caused him to do drugs and drink more. If you want you can go see him." he said rubbing my back

After I was done crying, the doctor showed me where my dads room was.

"I will you here."

I stared at his motionless body and fell to the floor crying again. I got up and slowly walked over to him. I pulled up a chair by his bed and sat down. I grabbed his hand.

"I'm so sorry I left you daddy. I love you so much. I'm sorry daddy. Please come back. I will miss you. This is all my fault." I said with my voice cracking. Tears streamed down from my eyes and landed onto his hand.

"I love you daddy. I will miss so much." I kissed him on his cheek.

I got up from the chair, let go of his hand, and walked to the door. I looked back at him.

"I will see you again daddy."



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