Take Me Away

Brielle Kidd always wanted to be an actress. Travelling from her hometown close to Paris, to London to persue multiple auditions, Brielle suddenly realised that her acting career would never take off. Her agent and boyfriend, Bradley has a massive surprise for her back in Paris.

Certain steps she takes will eventually lead her to finding out the truth of her agent. And certain accidents lead her to Harry Styles' heart.


6. St-Malo

I hated this. It was seven a.m, and we were behind the hotel. Harry smiled, holding out his arms. His smile was painfully forced but he managed it. I embraced him, breathing in his cologne. His chin rested on my head. I laughed and pulled back. I moved onto Niall, and then everyone joined in, creating a group hug. I felt my eyes prickle with tears as I pulled back. 

"I will miss you guys," I said. 

"You'll see us again," Liam clapped his hand on my shoulder, winking. "You gotta."

I nodded, throwing my bags into the boot of my rental car. I refused to take Harry's car to St-Malo. It meant I had to go through the pain of seeing him, and leaving him again. The rental car was a Jeep Wrangler. I hopped inside the car, and wound down the window. I waved to them, and they waved back. 

"Be careful," Harry said. 

Not trusting my voice, I nodded and started the car, leaving One Direction and driving south, towards my home town, St-Malo.


I crossed over into the walled city. The old style houses and buildings told me I was in St-Malo. The twisting, small roads lead towards the town centre. I drove past it, and started driving towards my childhood house. My house was a kind of small house, with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The outside was white, and in stone. It was full of memories. I parked outside, and saw my 15 year old sister, Noelle, open the front door. I hopped out of the car and ran up to her, smashing my body into hers for a hug. She was laughing and so was I.

After unpacking my bags, I sat in the small lounge room. The fire was lit i the fireplace. The whole loungeroom was decked out in Christmas gear. The tree was glittered in blue and silver, and the normal throw was changed to one I made when I was in college, which had a beer bottle with the words 'Merry Beermas' printed below. Noelle and my Mom were sitting with me. They asked me about stuff in London, and I answered with the usual 'yes' or 'no'. Then they asked my why I was in so early.

"Bradley and I broke up," I said. "He was cheating on me."

Noelle shook her head. "I never liked him."

"Neither did I," Mom whispered.

"But I did, however, make a few more friends," I laughed. "They're really nice."

"What are their names?" Noelle nagged. 

I swallowed thickly. "One Direction." I could trust them, right? They're my family.

Noelle's jaw dropped. "Yeah right." 

After a long pause, she said, "Anyone for hot chocolate?"

Noelle and I accepted, and once Mom was in the kitchen, she dragged me to her room. Noelle looked a lot like me, with brown hair and light blue eyes. She was much shorter than me, and she was prettier, but I didn't mind. I entered her room and stopped. One Direction posters lined her walls. She jumped onto her bed, grinning. I regretted this decision. I sat on her bed, and she insisted that I told her everything.

So I did.

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