Take Me Away

Brielle Kidd always wanted to be an actress. Travelling from her hometown close to Paris, to London to persue multiple auditions, Brielle suddenly realised that her acting career would never take off. Her agent and boyfriend, Bradley has a massive surprise for her back in Paris.

Certain steps she takes will eventually lead her to finding out the truth of her agent. And certain accidents lead her to Harry Styles' heart.


4. Sleep Talking

That night, I couldn't sleep. I kept reminding myself I had an audition tomorrow, and that I needed sleep to perform well, but to be honest I felt sick and used. I should have known Bradley wouldn't have waited for me. All those hot British men that I had turned down in London because of Bradley now seemed like a waste of time. My heart felt heavy and worn, like two tigers attacked it, and placed it back in my chest. He was only using me to get the money I pay him. My eyes hurt from the tears, that stopped at around twelve because the stream of warm salt water seemed to stop. At two a.m, there was a knock on my door. The dark room was suddenly bathed in light as I switched on the desk lamp beside my bed. There was no doubt in my mind it was Harry. I didn't want to see him, but talking to him was better then tricking myself into sleeping. I walked over to the door, unchained it and unlocked it, then I slowly eased it open. Harry stood before me, dishevelled and panting. His face was twisted and distorted. He looked down at me. I hadn't realised the height difference between us. He gave a weak smile. 

"Hey," he said, blinking slowly. "Did I wake you up?" 

I shook my head, and opened the door fully, inviting him in. He ambled in, and sat on the small armchair on the far side of the room. I closed the door, relocked it and walked slowly towards him. I sat on my bed, my oversized men's tee just covering my thighs. Harry leant forward, his elbows on his knee's.

"Harry, why are you here?" I asked, sighing.

"I couldn't sleep. The boys are doing their own thing... and I decided to come see you." Harry grunted as he moved. "I'm really sleepy though, and I ran into the corner of the hall, and I hurt my ribs."

I laughed and smiled sweetly. "We need to sleep. I have an audition tomorrow, for a music video--"

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit! It was One Direction's new music video! I was auditioning for the same man that is in my room right now. Harry smiled kindly. "It's my music video, ain't it?" I nodded slowly. I can't even comprehend how dumb I've been. He's mentioned this like 5 times. I just hadn't put two and two together. Harry leaned in closer, and then eventually got up and laid down on my bed. His head rested on the two spare pillows. "You know," Harry mumbled. "That guy is really a jerk. Why would he cheat on someone like you? I mean your're amazing, apart from the fact that you're fucking difficult sometimes. I mean if I wasn't a famous douche, and you weren't so difficult to deal with, I would probably kiss you right now..."



"You're half asleep aren't you?"

"Probably. I don't even know what I'm saying."

Harry moved to be more comfortable on my bed, and snuggled into the blankets. His breathing slows. I stared at him in wonder, about how he could fall asleep almost anywhere. I laid down beside him, sure to make the most room between us. I fell asleep listening to the breathing of Harry.


"Get up sleepy head," Harry murmured into my ear. My eyes slowly opened and I stared at his face, which was so close to mine. His smile stretched from ear to ear. "I got you a coffee. The auditions are in an hour." 

I sat up, rubbing my messy bed head. I stared at him in wonder. "Thanks." I received to coffee from him and began sipping on it.  "Harry... do you remember anything you said last night?"

Harry shook his head."I had some of the hotels mini champagne before I came down here. I was nervous to how you would react." I nodded and finished my coffee. "You can take the Honda to the auditions, because if you show up with us, the other girls might hate you or something. I'll leave so you can get ready."

After my shower and getting ready, I emerged to see a little note with a set of keys. The note read;

Good luck in your auditions. 
There's a little surprise for you in the car.
- Harry x

I took the keys and ran down to the front entrance. Then I saw thousands of girls, lining the streets of Paris. They were searching for Harry, who I'm guessing hadn't left yet. I walk out of the front entrance and they screams made me cringe. They were so close to the valet man, that I had to be ushered through them to get to the Honda. Once safely inside, I put the keys into the ignition, and start making my way to the audition warehouse. I looked down to see a bag with a bow on it. When I arrived at the auditions, I opened the bag and saw a half-empty bottle of wine, with a note attached saying "For your nerves". I laughed, and opened the lid. 

I downed the whole thing in under three minutes.


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