Take Me Away

Brielle Kidd always wanted to be an actress. Travelling from her hometown close to Paris, to London to persue multiple auditions, Brielle suddenly realised that her acting career would never take off. Her agent and boyfriend, Bradley has a massive surprise for her back in Paris.

Certain steps she takes will eventually lead her to finding out the truth of her agent. And certain accidents lead her to Harry Styles' heart.


10. Heartfelt

Both Harry and I made breakfast for Noelle, at 6am. It consisted of eggs, a salad, French toast and some fruit, since Noelle was vegetarian. Harry knocked softly on Noelle's door, and we heard a groan. Harry pushed open the door, set down his load of plates and started singing 'Happy Birthday' to her in French, which I taught him throughout last night. Noelle rolled over and scowled at Harry. Harry sat on her bed, and handed her his two plates. 

"We made you breakfast," he said, producing a fork off her night stand. "Enjoy it."

"Really," I insisted.

We left her to eat, and made our way into the dining room. His overnight bag was on the table, and he was emptying the contents. I watched as he filtered through two tee shirts, one pair of jeans and two pairs of shoes. I wonder into the kitchen, and start making some coffee. Harry walked up to me, and lifted himself onto the counter top next to me.

"When are you planning of going back to London?" Harry mumbled, scooping up a banana and peeling it.

"I don't know. I was hoping to go back on the 27th, but I don't know..." I trailed off, but then cleared my throat. "Why?"

Harry swallowed and shook his head, making his hair sway. "No reason. I mean it would be nice to take you to my friend Grimmy's New Years Eve party."

I nodded, smiling. "You can if you want to."

I heard feet shuffling behind me. I turned on my heal and saw my Mom walk in from the front door. She was covered in snow, and she held the local paper in her hand. Her face was a picture-perfect fear snapshot. She turned it around, showing us the front page. Harry's face was plastered right in the middle, with a photo of me in a smaller bubble next to him. It read in French 'Harry Styles visites présumée petite amie Brielle Kidd'. My breath caught in my throat, and I turned to Harry. 

"What does it say?" he asked, urgency in his voice. 

"Harry Styles visits alleged girlfriend Brielle Kidd." I recited. 

Harry stood up and kicked his chair behind him. She walked over to my mother, and grabbed the newspaper out of her offering hands. He flicked through pages, walking towards me. He found the page he was looking for and handed it to me. I started reading out loud in English so Harry could understand. 

" 'As One Direction ended their tour in Metz, 4/5 members flew back to England. Harry Styles drove six hours to St-Malo to visit his alleged girlfriend, Brielle Kidd. The two were seen in Paris' underground fish and chip shop, enjoying a romantic meal together. Afterwards, they were seen entering the boybander's hotel together through the back."

Harry tried to close his mouth, but he was in shock. "God I hate it when they jump to conclusions." Harry handed the newspaper back to my mother, thanking her. He turned back to me. "I'll have to stay home today. I don't want fans to mob you guys."

I grinned. "You big-headed idiot. You might not have any fan's here." 

Harry didn't smile back."Really, Brielle. I don't want to put you guys into this." Harry sat down on the bench, and shook his head. Noelle entered the room, her hair done with her favourite clothes on. Harry got off the bench and walked over to her, his smile apologetic. 

"I heard, Harry." Noelle said. "I can just have my party here."

Harry's smile turned into a grin and he pulled her into a hug, his head bent so that his cheek rested on her head. She hugged him back. 


It was 11:57pm, and Harry was still skyping Louis. Niall, Liam and Zayn were at his apartment with him, so it was more of a party. Harry kept apologising that he wasn't there for his best friend's birthday. Louis said it was fine, he was with people that made him just as happy as they did. When Harry got up to go to the bathroom, Louis started explaining something to me. Niall and Zayn weren't there, and Liam was in the background playing GTA. It was just Louis and me. 

"Brielle. Thank you, so much. Harry was... he wasn't himself after you left. If you hadn't invited him to yours for Christmas I don't know what he would have done. You're such a good friend to him, and I believe he forgets to say so sometimes. You don't need to treat him like a china doll though, he is fine with criticism. I guess you just need to keep reminding him that you're there."  

Harry came back just after Louis said the last sentence. He sat down with a small box. "Merry Christmas, Brielle." he murmured. I glanced at the time, and sure enough it was 12:03am.

I opened the box and saw a long gold chained necklace, with three pendants on the end. One was of a small bird in a cage. The next was a pink diamond and the last was of a small rain drop. I smile as Harry takes the chain and puts it around my neck. Harry turns to the computer and smiles at Louis. "You guys will get your presents at New Years."

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