Take Me Away

Brielle Kidd always wanted to be an actress. Travelling from her hometown close to Paris, to London to persue multiple auditions, Brielle suddenly realised that her acting career would never take off. Her agent and boyfriend, Bradley has a massive surprise for her back in Paris.

Certain steps she takes will eventually lead her to finding out the truth of her agent. And certain accidents lead her to Harry Styles' heart.


5. Auditions

Girls of every race, colour, religion, size and shape lined up that day. At the very start, they handed out numbers on sticky pieces of paper, and gave us an overview on what was going to happen for the rest of the day. Everyone would be ushered into a large room, and in order of our numbers, we would go up on stage and audition in front of two judges and the whole of One Direction.

The room we were in to audition was gorgeous. Red wood covered the walls, roof, stage and chairs. Gold fabric and gold accents littered the whole room. We sat down in order of numbers, and since I was 47, I was a decent way back. I tried to spy Harry, but the lights blinded me. I got comfortable as the first girl walked up on stage, and the beat came on. Phones were permitted but only if it was on silent. I watched as the girl was 'harassed' by five, totally hot Frenchmen. They must be the guys filling in for One Direction. She acted interested, then totally uninterested. My phone buzzed. I glanced at the dim screen and smiled at the text. 

From: Harry Styles
She's really good. Hot too.

From: Brielle
Pig. You're not even watching her.

From: Harry Styles
Bullshit! She just held hands with the me-of-Frenchmen. He's better looking than me ):

I laughed silently, staring at his text. The girl next to me stiffened and made a squeaking noise. I looked at her, my eyebrows furrowed. She had a loose baggy tee on, with her blonde hair in messy curls. Her eyes were illuminated by the lights on stage, and they seemed to be a light blue. "Is that the Harry Styles?" she whispered. My eyes widened. 

"No...?" I said questioningly. 

Her face grew brighter, her mouth dropping. "It is! I've always wanted to date him." 

"Why don't you seduce him on stage then?" I winked, placing my buzzing phone into my lap. 

The girl sighed, looking down at her body, then back at me. "I don't think he would find me attractive, because of my larger size." 

"Bullshit," I said instantly. "You're body size is perfectly normal. Maybe you are a slightly larger weight then the others, but seriously no one would notice. Especially not Harry."

The girl smiled. "I'm Genevieve, Gen for short."

"Brielle." I smiled back, and grabbed my suddenly still phone to check the messages. 

From: Harry Styles
I can hear your laughter from here. 

From Harry Styles
Why aren't you replying. God did I say something wrong.

From: Harry Styles
The French guy just winked at Louis! I can't stop giggling. He's blushing omg.

From: Harry Styles
Can't wait for your audition.

By the time Gen was about to go up, I received multiple texts from Harry about his opinions on the girls, and how he thought they should act. After every text, I would show Gen, telling her this is what Harry was looking for. I watched as Gen walked up the stage, and positioned herself as many girls before her did. The beat started and she tried to incorporate Harry's tips. After her audition had finished, I walked up on stage. The two judges stared contently at me, and Harry was talking to Louis about something. The beat began, and I walked into the prop room,  having flowers shoved into my hands. The Harry-Frenchman slipped his hand into mine, and leaned to whisper in my ear. I retaliated with shoving the flowers into his face, rolling my eyes and sitting down in a desk. What I'm guessing was the "nerd" slipped into the seat next to me, and on cue, began mouthing the words of the song to me. 

"You're so sweet so I gotta love it / I gotta say what's on my mind before I go insane / Oh girl, I think your beautiful / The other guys just don't get it / They see you as a prize / Oh girl." 

I sat back in my seat in awe, and smiled at the little nerd. The beat ended, and everyone was reset and I was shoved back into the waiting room. Gen ran up to me asking what I did and how I did, and I just laughed. "I was alright." 

Gen sat down on a chair, and waved for me to sit too. "Now we wait."


Four hours, two cups of coffee and infinite texts to Harry later, we were all filed back into the large audition theatre. Since the video was being shot tomorrow. We were allowed to sit where ever, so Gen and I sat closer to the front. The two judges, and all five boys lined the stage. Harry was searching for me, his eyes scanning the crowds, then looking to his shoes. He had his bottom lip between his teeth, and his hands behind his back. I made a slight noise, and his head jerked up, his eyes finding Gen and I in the darkness. He shook his head. 

"Thank you to everyone who showed up today," the first judge said. "I would just like to congratulate every single one of you. Every audition was up to our standards." 

Thousands of girls turned up today, and now every single one of the clapped. "We would like to hand it over to Zayn Malik, to read out the lucky girl who will be staring in One Direction's new music video."

The mike was passed down the line, to Zayn. He cleared his throat. "Everyone was just so amazing today. The girl we chose had most of the things we were looking for, and not to mention she was beautiful, as you all were." He looked out into the crowd. "The girl we chose was number 46, Genevieve Alerio."

Gen became stiff beside me, her hand latched onto my thigh. She was in total shock. I clapped, as did the thousand and so other girls. 

After everyone left, Gen had to take a moment to thank the judges and One Direction. She had recovered from crying. I walked down the line with her, nodding to the judges. Once Gen got to Harry, he hugged her, and told her she was amazing today. He gave me a slight look of regret, but I dismissed it.


Later that evening, I sat in my hotel room with Harry and the rest of One Direction. I had formally introduced my self to all of them, and they all seemed really nice. Harry sat on the bed with me, talking about he auditions. 

"I'm sorry you weren't chosen." Harry whined. 

"It's fine," I laughed, patting his head. "It gives me extra time to visit my family."

Harry nodded. "When will you get back?" 

"I don't know." 

Harry looked down, and started fiddling with my anklet. He didn't speak to me or the rest of the band for the rest of the night.

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