You thought that it was over, you were wrong. Sit back and take a bite, this shouldn't take long.
55 years after the story ends we meet our favorite twilight characters once again, but now there is a new member of our lovely Cullen Coven, Zachary Jacob Black, ZJ for short, and if that isn't enough in walks a rambunctious blue haired girl with a secret past that is better kept secret, but what secrets can be kept with a mind reader around?


1. Preface

         My only regret is not being faster. If I had been quicker in realizing the situation I might have saved her. I may have been able to keep her safe from this entire world, even if it meant losing her forever. It would be worth it to watch her grow old and be happy rather than seeing her end this way. I touch the smooth skin of her pale face and if a tear slid down my face. I wondered what she would be thinking now, if she could think. I wonder if she would push my hand away or lean into it. I had nearly no time with this beautiful girl before I was forced to see her this way, pale and unmoving. I had done this to her, this was my fault, and she was going to hate me.

         I chuckled wryly at the thought, ridiculous as it was. I ran my finger over her soft lips, remembering the few times I had been allowed to place my own over the soft pink curves which were constantly coated in electric blue lipstick. I stroked the back of her hand lightly and wondered what this might mean.

         I had never been put into the position where I would have to die for someone, but if I could I would take her place without a second thought. I couldn't believe that he could do this to her, and I wished that I could have saved her. I stared down into her unmoving eyes I knew that this was my fault. I had never given much thought to the future that I would have with her, but I had always assumed that it was going to be a long one, even if I couldn't really give her the life she deserved, growing old together and all that nonsense, but now I wished more than anything for that nonsense to be true for us. I knew all she ever really wanted was someone who cared, but how was this caring? I was a monster, and that was the only that it could be put. I was a monster and deserved any punishment that would be imposed on me.

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