You thought that it was over, you were wrong. Sit back and take a bite, this shouldn't take long.
55 years after the story ends we meet our favorite twilight characters once again, but now there is a new member of our lovely Cullen Coven, Zachary Jacob Black, ZJ for short, and if that isn't enough in walks a rambunctious blue haired girl with a secret past that is better kept secret, but what secrets can be kept with a mind reader around?


3. New Truth

         I stood there staring in shock and she just smiled and ushered me out the door. "Go, little messenger, go, none but your leader would understand." She stated closing the door behind me. I turned because I thought I had left my iPod, but then I felt the small shift in weight in my pocket and realized that she had slipped the bag of rice with my iPod in it in my pocket. Crazy old bat.

         Not that I had any room to be judging.

         I was after all a mythical being.

         But then again so was she.

         Ugh, my brain hurt.

         I made my way to Alice's car, hands shoved in pockets and she nearly had a hissy fit when I tried to sit in the front.

         "There are towels laid out all over the back, try not to drip on my interior." She commanded me, but soon her commanding tone became playful. "So did you meet her?"

         "So that was what you and Edward were giggling about." I rolled my eyes at her. She was just smiling and humming along with the radio. I didn't need to tell her that I did, she knew.

         "Did you happen to see that her grandmother is a vampire?" I asked her. She stopped the car immediately.

         "I'm sorry, what?!" She asked me turning around to face me. "I haven't smelt another vamp at all, ZJ you better not be lying to me."

         "I'm not Ali, I promise. She said that if you guys ever wanted to stop by you were welcome and that only "our leader" would understand." I informed her. Her eyes went wide and then she blanked out. Vision.

         She came back with a jolt and then she was speeding down the street and back in whatever direction I had come in. As she drove I recognized absolutely nothing, and when we didn't come to center of town after a few minutes I realized that we weren't going the way I had come.

         "Where are we going Alice?" I demanded of her, and she just stared out at the road. In another thirty seconds we were turning into the forest onto a path I hadn't even seen in the darkness. She was winding her way into the woods and coming up on the same clearing that the house was located in, but from a different angle. Mom and Dad were already waiting for us, and Edward and Bella were coming out of the door with Jasper right behind them. I saw Rosalie and Emmett jump out of their window and Carlisle and Esmee were coming out of the forest. Probably stopped in the middle of hunting.

         "Angela's here." Alice stated as she flashed out of the car. I envied that ability, I couldn't move quite that fast.

         "We have to leave?" Rosalie asked crestfallen, she had been the one so eager to come back in the first place.

         "No, we don't, we just need to talk to her, she's turned, I don't understand it..." Edward trailed off, eyes flashing to Carlisle. "She smells human, she looks aged..." It was indeed baffling.

         "Perhaps it's her power, to be able to appear human." Carlisle speculated.

         "Well I don't like it." Rosalie cut in. "This is suspicious."

         "Reserve judgment until we have all the facts, Rosalie." Carlisle calmed her.

         "I have all the facts I need, why should we trust this woman?"

         "Angela was one of the kindest, most truthful people I ever knew. There is no way that this is anything suspicious. She probably honestly wants us to know what's going on." I wondered how she knew that, then realized Edward could've read either one of our minds and relayed the information to Bella, letting the rest of the house know.

         "She wants to talk?" Carlisle questioned and I nodded along with Alice and Bella and Edward. Jasper moved beside Alice who had approached the group. My mother was being held by my father and she didn't look particularly thrilled.

         "So do you like her?" She spoke up. Eyes locked on mine in that fierce way that I knew meant that I was to tell the truth and nothing less.

         I felt myself blush and damned my human parts.

         "Well, I mean, she's... cool, I guess." I shrugged and didn't meet her eyes.

         "Some one's got a crush." Bella sang and Alice giggled.

         "State the obvious Grandma." I rebuked her. She hated when I called her grandma with disdain. She was okay with being my grandmother, and with being old enough to be my grandma, what she didn't like was when I used it like an insult.

         "You know you could make my job easier by not irritating people." Jasper spoke as he calmed my grandmother down.

         "It's not like I was going to hurt him or anything." She rolled her eyes, but was calm and smiling as my grandfather held her.

         "Better safe than sorry Miss I've-got-so-much-self-control." Edward smiled nuzzling her neck.

         I cringed and turned away as was custom "Eww, old people PDA." I scrunched up my nose.

         "Please." My mother rolled her eyes and my dad chuckled.

         "You have to admit, Ness, it is kind of gross." He cooed to and I rolled my eyes.

         "Alright everyone, lots of love, now can we talk about the vampire who's actually a human?" I questioned them.

         "I would say go tonight, but if there's a human there perhaps it would be best to wait until after she has gone to school. She's school age, isn't she?" Carlisle questioned me. I shrugged. I honestly had no idea, she didn't look old enough to be out of school.

         "We need to go now. What if she compromises us? She can appear human, so the only ones that they'd run off would be us." Rosalie countered.

         "No one would believe her. They never put two and two together. They'll just think she's crazy. We can wait until morning, just in case the girl doesn't know." Edward reprimanded her. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted like the child she never stopped being, causing Emmett to hug her to him.

         "So it's settled then. We'll pay Angela a visit in the morning, promptly at eight." Carlisle decided.

         "Yes, getting out of school." I grinned punching the air.

         "No you're not," they chorused.

         "Ughhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned. "Why not?"

         "We don't need to draw any attention to ourselves. You'll go to school as planned." Carlisle assured me. I pouted.

         "I'm not even registered yet."

         "Neither are any of us, you'll get that taken care of tomorrow." My dad assured me.

         "What do you need to register for, you look to old to be in school anyway." I grumbled to him.

         "I'm just a little bit more mature than your average senior." He shrugged.

         "I really strongly dislike you sometimes you know that." I grumbled to him as I made my way into the house. The rest of the crowd had dispersed as well, and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and Edward was giving me an understanding look.

         "I know that this isn't an ideal situation, but on the bright side you're bound to see her tomorrow." He smiled comfortingly. I shrugged his hand off and faced him, asking him the question that had been bugging me all night.

         "What exactly did Alice see?" I asked allowed, though I didn't need to.

         He smiled and shook his head. "Trust me, this is something you're going to want to live out. Blue hair, right?" He smiled.

         I nodded, remembering the emo-styled electric blue locks. She reminded me of an old school emo chick. I couldn't suppress the smile as remembering her hair made me remember her whole face. Her beautiful perfect face.

         "Yeah, that's what I thought." He chuckled. "You'll be thankful for the rest in the morning."

         "Well that was helpful." I mumbled after he joined Bella as she strolled into the forest.

         I pulled my iPod out of the bag it was in and went to find a lamp to set it under while I slept. I could get at least six hours of sleep if I started getting ready for bed now. Don't judge, it takes time to look this good.

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