You thought that it was over, you were wrong. Sit back and take a bite, this shouldn't take long.
55 years after the story ends we meet our favorite twilight characters once again, but now there is a new member of our lovely Cullen Coven, Zachary Jacob Black, ZJ for short, and if that isn't enough in walks a rambunctious blue haired girl with a secret past that is better kept secret, but what secrets can be kept with a mind reader around?


2. Forks

         No one in the tiny town of Forks was aware of the things that truly lurked in the woods behind their homes, and even if they did know they wouldn't be afraid. Vampires are so romanticized that half of the town would be beating the doors of our house down if they knew, and by half I obviously mean the female population. I have never understood the humans obsession with things that can kill them. It's not even just vampires, werewolves too. You could say that I'm exaggerating, but with the amount of books where the poor innocent girl falls in love with the monster and then they end up living happily ever after it's obvious that this isn't a dramatization.

         Sometimes I wish that vampires really did have fangs so humans would fear us rather than love us. I say us, but that isn't a proper term, I'm actually only a fourth vampire. I could survive off blood if I needed to, but  don't crave it, and I don't need it. I'm more shifter than I am human, half shifter, and then there's that weak fourth of me that is human. I don't resent the human in me, it's what allows me to exist, but that doesn't make it any less weak.

         I'm being forced to move to Forks with my coven, consisting of my mother, my father, my grandparents on my mothers side, my great grand parents on my mothers father's side, and then two sets of like I don't even know how to explain it. All it means is that there are a lot of vampires. It's not that I mind there being so many, I'm just not necessarily happy that my father and I are completely out numbered as shifters. I'm hoping to meet some shifters here, so it can't be all bad, but that doesn't mean it's going to be good either.

         The run from Alaska is not a relatively long one, and doing it in wolf form I am not tired by it, but that doesn't mean I'm not agitated by it. I wouldn't have minded staying in Alaska (the girls were all hot and not related to me) but if I stayed I would lose the protection of my coven, and being a shifter has disadvantages in the vampire world, one-fourth vampire or not.

         We enter a clearing in the forest just big enough to nestle a house and a garage, and I let everyone pass so that I could put on the shorts I had attached to the back of my ankle. When I finally joined them in the clearing it was about ten at night. Carlisle and Esmee had already gone in to start cleaning things up, and Bella, Rosalie and Emmett had disappeared, so it was just me my parents my grandfather, Jasper and Alice. There are way too many people in this family.

         "Cheer up Zachary, it'll be fun here." Alice tells me, and then spaces out, she's having a vision, wonderful. She tuned back in and Edward is smirking while Alice smiles and titters away with Jasper about nothingness. My father puts his hand on my shoulder and guides me in the direction of the house, distracting me from whatever is happening.

         "Trust me son, you probably don't want to know."

          It always disturbed me that my father looked only a few years older than me, it's a really large psychological blow to have everyone around you look exactly your age and find that they are, in actuality, decades if not centuries older than you. It's creepy.

         "Then why are they laughing?" I grumbled, knowing that they could probably hear me. but caring particularly.

         "Because they're annoying vampires, and that's what annoying vampires do." He chuckled, moving away from me to envelope my mother in a huge hug. Gross.

         "I think I'm going to go for a run." I tell them, digging my Ipod out of the bag my mom had been carrying while we ran, along with a hoody.

         "Alright, but don't go through town." My father ordered me, but Edward was shaking his head, chuckling.

         "No, I think he should go through town."

         Alice shot him an angry look and he just laughed a little harder, motioning for me to just go already.

         I turned to go, putting on my music but I was stopped by the sound of my name.

         "ZJ," Jasper called me. I spun in annoyance on the blond boy and he chuckled, pointing down at me feet. "Shoes."

         I groaned. Why didn't more people just run barefoot, stupid humans.

         I grabbed a pair of high tops and slipped them on, propping my foot against a tree tucking the laces in rather than tying them, and headed off, not even bothering with the hassle that was socks. I didn't sweat anyway.

         I blasted my old school rock music and rocketed out of there, flying past trees at about half the speed of an average full vampire at top speed. I was slightly faster than my dad, but shamefully my mother could easily outrun both of us, a trait she inherited from my grandfather.

         I didn't even notice where I was going until I hit the outskirts of the tiny town, crossing paths with a store and some road. Damn, had I been told not to, or to go into town. I paused, jogging in place as I decided, and finally, as it started to sprinkle for the first time since the hour that I had been here, I decided to just go ahead and throw my hood up and run through town.

         I was running right through the middle down town, at least I thought so, until I ended up in a neighborhood. I had idea where I was, how I got there, or how to get back to the middle of town, and it was pouring now. If I stayed out much longer I would ruin my iPod, this wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that to teach me responsibility I wasn't allowed to have another one. You ruin three in one year and suddenly you're irresponsible. There was one house on the block that looked like it was occupied and had people still awake at eleven at night.

         I forced myself to shudder even though I wasn't cold, and approached the door, clutching my elbow like I was freezing. I knocked and a tall elderly woman with a delicate smile and glasses with chains on the earpieces answered the door.

         "Can I help you?" She asked him, not opening the door all the way.

         "Y-ye-eah." I chattered. "I-I g-got caught I-in the rain, and I-I w-w-was w-w-wondering i-if  I c-c-could use your phone to call my folks."

         She smiled sympathetically and moved aside. "Of course, come in, my phone is dead, but I'm sure my granddaughter has her phone. Come in and warm up before you catch a cold. I'll make you something warm to drink."

         "Th-thank you, ma'am," I thanked her as I entered the house. I looked around and it looked like the place had recently been remodeled and then torn to shreds.

         "You'll have to excuse the mess. My granddaughter has been moving some things around. She just moved in yesterday." She explained as she walked into the kitchen with more grace than I though an old woman could have. She had to be sixty five, but she seemed so much younger. She didn't creak the way old people tended to. "Have a seat, I'll get my Hallie." She assured me as she dug through the cabinets and then set some packets in front of me.

         "I have hot chocolate, tea and more hot chocolate, an accommodation for Hallie, she won't drink coffee." She rolled her eyes like not drinking coffee was stupid as she filled a mug with water and put it in the microwave. I didn't drink coffee either, but I decided not to tell her than and just picked out a mint hot chocolate packet, giving a shy thank you that wasn't sincere. I was rarely shy.

         "Alright, go ahead and make that, when the microwave beeps and I'll see if I can get Hallie to stop talking to her boyfriend for a few minutes." She told me with disdain. So she didn't like Hallie's boyfriend. This Hallie girl sounded like a thirteen year old. Refused to drink coffee, and then on the phone with her boyfriend twenty-four/seven. Sounded like a tween to me. She probably still liked One Direction too, and was in love with the way they looked back in twenty thirteen. Ah, tweens. I took the opportunity to set my ruined iPod on the table then tuned into their conversation, for curiosities sake.

         I heard some protests as the old lady asked nicely to have the girls phone, and an angry, "Why?" I heard the old woman explain the situation and the tween girl sighed.

        "I'll be down in a sec, let me just say bye to Marc, okay grandma."

         After that the woman shuffled back down stairs.

         "Alright." She said as she reached bottom of the steps reminding me that I was supposed to me making hot chocolate. I stood and ripped the packet open and grabbing the cup from the microwave, pouring in the brown powder.

         "How silly of me." She says, as she opens a drawer. "It's going to be hard to stir that without a spoon isn't it?" She chuckled daintily and handed a spoon to me. I gave her a grateful smile and watched the hot water dissolve the chocolate almost instantly.

         "Have a seat please, God willing she'll be down in the next five minutes." She sat down at the small table across from me with a newspaper and then put it down and looked up at me suddenly.

         "I'm sorry, but I don't believe I caught your name." She said, a curious look on her face.

         "Sorry," I said shyly, no longer bothering with the stuttering. "I'm Zachary, my family and I just moved her."

         She smiles and acknowledges my words but doesn't press, which I'm thankful for. This was probably the reason they didn't want me to go into town. I had no idea what I was supposed to tell people about us.

         "Well, I'm Angela Cheney," She introduced herself, extending her hand for me to shake. Her grip was not at all fragile, it was very affirming.

         "It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am." I told her.

         She nodded again and took up her newspaper once more, comfortable to sit in silence as we waited. I liked that. I hated when awkward humans felt the need to fill silence with incessant babbling.

         I heard a door upstairs creak open and then delicate steps come down the stairs as quiet muttering, that I had been vaguely aware of but not paying attention to, became louder.

         "Yes, Marcus, I know that it's annoying, but the faster I let him use the phone the faster I get rid of him and we can get back to our conversation." She stopped after six steps onto the stair case. I had a feeling that whatever conversation this was it was important.

         "I love you too Marc, I'll talk to you in a bit, 'kay?" She made a kiss noise into the phone and hug up and continued down the stairs. I didn't look up because the tween didn't interest me much, but when I felt her tap my shoulder I couldn't help but make eye-contact.

         I'd never seen such beautiful features on a human, she was perfect, and strange. She had skin that was nearly as pale as my mother's with electric blue hair that was, to say the least, extreme, and at the same time it worked, for no obvious reason. A similar blue coated her perfectly kissable lips and I envied any man who got to touch his to them. Her deep brown eyes looked almost black, and she was just, perfect. I didn't dare attempt to let my eyes trail over her undoubtedly perfect body, but out of the corner of my gaze I could tell she was well filled out. No, there was nothing tween about this beauty. I blinked and she spoke.

         "Here," She said, holding out the phone to me, all set to be dialed. "And make it quick, I was in the middle of something." I tried not to let my face fall when I remembered this angel had a boyfriend. Surely I could change that, couldn't I?

         Wait, there was no time for that. I needed to get home before questions started getting asked that I didn't have the answers to. I was sure that if I just waited long enough Alice would know what was going on and come and get me, but I decided to go  ahead and call just to be sure. My iPod was sitting in plain sight, the screen was wet and it looked pretty done for.

         The girls glance dropped to my iPod and she studied it. "Got a screen protector?" She asked me and I nodded. She picked up the device and moved to the other side of the kitchen, pulling open a drawer and dropping my iPod in a bag she retrieved then filling it with rice.

         "When you get home put it under a hot lamp for a few hours, then put it in some more rice, it should be fine." She told me, dropping the sealed bag on the table in front of me.

         "Thanks," I told her, taking the chance to meet her almond shaped eyes.

         "No prob, anything for a fellow runner, we've all been there." She shrugged and then made a circular motion with her finger, pointing to the phone that was still in my hand.

         "Oh, um, right." I blushed slightly, and moved to dial the number and tried not to stare at her as she bent over in search of something in a cabinet.

         The phone rang once and a giggling Alice was on the line. "We'll be there in like ten minutes." She assured me before hanging up.

         Great, now I had to pretend to have a conversation with no one so they wouldn't be suspicious.

         "Uh, hey, Alice, I got caught in the rain on my run, I'm at..." I paused and cutie's grandmother mouthed the address to me, I repeated it and then nodded. "Alright, I'll see you then, bye."

         Before I could even pretend to hang up Hallie grabbed her phone from my hand and dialed quickly as she continued to sift through a cabinet.

         "Marcus." She said contently, and I couldn't help the jealousy that raged through me. She said his name with an accent I couldn't quite place, then she continued to speak in another language. "Ora, dove eravamo rimasti?"

         She giggled as he replied in what I assumed was the same language. "Credo che stavamo discutendo che venuta a vivere con me," I didn't know the language, but I knew Spanish, and I knew that "vivere con me" sounded a lot live with me in Spanish. No, she couldn't have a serious boyfriend. I felt my heart start to shatter.

         "Che è di destra," she giggled and I was starting to get irritated. Angela looked up from her paper and glared at Hallie.

         "Young lady if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times, You may not speak in Italian to your boyfriend just to keep me from knowing what you're saying."

         " nonna," she said to her before the man on the phone replied.

         "La vecchia donna che è così fastidioso."

         "Molto," She nodded before grabbing a Poptart from inside the cabinet and knocking it close with her hip. "But she pays all my bills, so I have to listen to her whether I like it or not." She said, smiling at her grandmother before heading up the stairs once again.

         "Lord that girl." Angela shook her head, a small smile on her face. "She is going to be someone's head ache one day." She chuckled.

         Strangely enough, despite hardly knowing her I wished that she would be my headache.

         A few minutes later Alice's canary yellow vintage car showed up at the curb and honked, informing me that it was present. I sighed and stood giving Angela a weak smile and casting a wishful glance up the stairs before bidding Angela good night, thanking her for her kindness, and putting my dirty dishes in the sink.

         "Oh, and Zachary." Angela called me back, right as my hand was on the door knob. "Tell the Cullens they can stop by any time they want." She smiled, a full smile, and I realized why this woman walked with such grace and poise, she was a vampire, but how? She didn't smell like a vampire. "I'll tell them everything then."

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