If Bethany Was A Boy

Writen by : Samiluvsboobear<3 and Brookxxie
About: This story is about Bethany Thomas. A girl who wishes she was a boy. She is bullied and doesn't have any friends. But when her 16th birthday comes and she wishes to be a boy..everything changes. Bethany is now Brendon. What will life's nature bring to Brendon?


6. Wrong Bathroom....

September 4th 2012

"Dude my stomach is so sore." I told Eric.

"Why?" Eric asked.

"Been doing these exercises to get a six pack I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I walked into the girls bathroom forgetting I m a guy now.

I lifted my shirt and saw I had a 6 pack! This really worked. Right then a girl walked out of a bathroom stall and screamed."What are you doing in here!" She ran out and before I knew it I was in the principals office.

"Now Brendon. This is a huge no at this school. We've never had any trouble with you before so I am going to give you detention. 45 minutes. Tomorrow after school. Get it signed." The principal told me.

September 5th 2012:

I can't get it signed! I guess I'll have to forge it. I returned it to the principal t with a forged signature. I began to leave when," Brendon wait. I know this is forged." He sat down and gave me a slip. Saturday school. Great.

I walked home alone. I didn't want to go on a Saturday. This sucked. When I got home CC and WW were passed out on the floor. I stepped over them making sure to hit them when I did and went to my room. I couldn't help but admire my six pack. Man I love YouTube. All I know is, I slept really well that night and I dreamed about how cool my six pack was.


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