If Bethany Was A Boy

Writen by : Samiluvsboobear<3 and Brookxxie
About: This story is about Bethany Thomas. A girl who wishes she was a boy. She is bullied and doesn't have any friends. But when her 16th birthday comes and she wishes to be a boy..everything changes. Bethany is now Brendon. What will life's nature bring to Brendon?


14. Teachers on crack

After I did my homework, of course I did more sit ups. What else would I do? I don't want to lose my cool new six pack!

After about five hours of that, I jumped in the shower. I took a quick shower, still not looking down. When I got out, I had  horrible feeling in my stomach. I wrapped a towel around myself and decided that I should eat more. The only thing I ate in the past few days was those M&Ms.

I got dressed, then sneaked downstairs to grab some chips. Luckily, CC and WW didn't see me. They were too busy complaining about not having enough alcohol.

I ate the whole bag of chips in five minutes, then I went to bed. It was 11:00 anyways, might as well get some sleep.

The next day, I got dressed, and when I walked to school, I realized how weird my life is. I turned into a guy, my aunt and uncle probably thought I died, and my ex boyfriend called me hot. Finally, I arrived at school.

It was a really boring day. I had a lot of homework, and I was waiting for lunch, so I wouldn't have to listen to my fat teacher anymore.

At lunch, I didn't really eat anything. I know it's bad for me to starve myself, but I had chips last night!

I was with Eric until Alyssa walked up. Oh great... "Hey hottie!" She said, obviously talking to me. "Hi Alyssa..." I said awkwardly. I wrapped my arm around her, because Eric would want me to, or he wouldn't leave me alone about it later on.

Then, a teacher started walking up to us. I quickly took my arm off of Alyssa and she said, "I saw you had your arm around that girl." she said. "No, I'm sorry you must be on crack." Eric and Alyssa were cracking up. "You must be on the highest crack." I continued. "You wanna go?" I said, putting my fists up. She walked away snickering.

I had to get back at her, I just had to. That was humiliating! I pulled my pants to my knees, luckily I had gym shorts underneath. Then, I ran around shouting, "I JUST GOT RAPED IN A CORNER!" Over and over again. I went back to Eric and Alyssa, they were in tears laughing.



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