If Bethany Was A Boy

Writen by : Samiluvsboobear<3 and Brookxxie
About: This story is about Bethany Thomas. A girl who wishes she was a boy. She is bullied and doesn't have any friends. But when her 16th birthday comes and she wishes to be a boy..everything changes. Bethany is now Brendon. What will life's nature bring to Brendon?


7. Saturday school

September 6, 2012:

Today, I woke up and immediately frowned remembering it was Saturday. Why was I stupid enough to walk straight into the girls' bathroom without thinking?

After I got out of the shower, still not looking down, I admired my six pack. Man, YouTube changed my life. I got dressed, then I got a text. It was from Eric.

(E-Eric, B-Brendon)

E- Hey! We are all going to the skate park. Wanna go?

B-Sorry, can't. I have Saturday school.

E-That sucks. Wait, why do you have Saturday school?

B- Uhh, I'll explain later, gotta go

That was close. I have to come up with a better excuse next time. After trying to think of a good excuse, I jumped out the window and ran to school, because I was actually almost late this time.

When I arrived at school, I was the only one there. What happened to the Triple J's being here every Saturday? I walked into the classroom, and the teacher saw me, and told me to sit down. He left, and told me not to do anything.

I really didn't want to be there, but I knew that the teacher would come back. He's probably making out with Ms. Holly, the new science teacher.

The principal came in, and took the teacher's spot. "Mr. Steinburg had to go to the hospital, his wife got in a car crash."

Under my breath, I mumbled, "Are you sure he's not making out with the science teacher?"

Atleast he didn't hear me, or else I would've had Saturday school for the rest of the year.

At 1:00, I was finally able to leave. I walked home and climbed back through my window. Before I could get through, I heard someone ask me, "So why were you in Saturday school?" I jumped down and answered, "Ummm..."


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