If Bethany Was A Boy

Writen by : Samiluvsboobear<3 and Brookxxie
About: This story is about Bethany Thomas. A girl who wishes she was a boy. She is bullied and doesn't have any friends. But when her 16th birthday comes and she wishes to be a boy..everything changes. Bethany is now Brendon. What will life's nature bring to Brendon?


2. If I was A Boy

Continued September 1st 2012:

Getting out of the trash can took a minute or two. In fact I stayed there throughout 1st period. It was really kind of peaceful. Until the passing period came. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in it. I hoped maybe I would not get caught by the Triple J's. After the bell had rang I went to class. As usual I was late.

The end of school couldn't come fast enough. Right when the bell rang I ran out of class and hoped to beat the bullies.

About an hour later I climbed through my bedroom window. I got on my laptop and my world instantly became better.Talking to my internet friends made everything better. Someone sent me a song. They said it was really good and I should listen to it. So I did. It was called If I Was A Boy. That made me think. If I was a boy maybe everything would be better. They didn't seem to have any problems. What if I became a boy and started life over again. Would this really work!

September 2nd 2012:

I woke up really early. I cut my hair really short. I got cloths that looked like boy clothes. My new name was Brandon. So I went as Brandon.

But before I got into the school Jenna stopped me,"Oh my gosh are you a new kid?" she asked.

"Uh yeah." I said.

She started laughing and said," SKITTLE REALLY IS A BOY! YOU WERE RIGHT CONNER!"

I ran home as fast as I could. I wanted to be happy but that wasn't going to work. Right when I got home I grabbed the scissors. I went to cut my wrist but I couldn't do it. I threw them on the floor. I cried myself to sleep. Tomorrow was my 16th birthday and I just wanted to be happy on it. " I wish I was a boy." After I said those words...I feel asleep.

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