If Bethany Was A Boy

Writen by : Samiluvsboobear<3 and Brookxxie
About: This story is about Bethany Thomas. A girl who wishes she was a boy. She is bullied and doesn't have any friends. But when her 16th birthday comes and she wishes to be a boy..everything changes. Bethany is now Brendon. What will life's nature bring to Brendon?


15. Alyssa being random

I looked back at the teacher who just came over here, and she just shook her head. I looked at Alyssa and Eric, and they were pretty calmed down by now. Just then, the bell rang, so Eric walked to the left, and Alyssa walked with me to our next class.

At the end of the day, Alyssa was still following me around. It was kind of annoying, but we were starting to get to be better friends. We met up with Eric, and we decided to just walk to the skate park.

We got there, and realized that we had no skateboards with us. Then, we found some by a tree in pretty good condition. Since there was nobody else around, we figured we could just borrow them.

I had to teach Alyssa how to skate, because she didn't know how. After about ten minutes, she had the basics down. She told me that she could go down the ramp by herself now. I stood back as I watched her about to start.

When she started to go down, she started freaking out. There was a bee in her hair, so that would probably be why. She got the bee out and killed it, but it was too late. Alyssa was flying through the air and landed in the tree. After she landed she yelled, "OW MY BOOB!"

She got on the ground, then started doing squats. "What is she doing?" I whispered to Eric. He just shrugged and we walked up to Alyssa.

"What are you doing?" We asked her simultaneously. "I do squats whenever I'm hurt. It gets rid of the pain." she said, concentrated on her exercising. "Well are you out of pain now?" I asked her. "Not yet, just a few more." She said.

We were there for an hour. We've been waiting, and Alyssa was sweating. Maybe she wasn't in pain anymore, maybe she was just having fun. I picked her up while doing squats, and she stopped and looked at me.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked me. "I'm taking you home. You should maybe talk to your mom about the pain." I told her. "But I want to be with youuuuuuuu." She said whining. "Fine, what do you want to do?" I asked her. Eric had already gone home a few minutes ago, so it was just Alyssa and I.

"Girls like to do this for fun." she said holding out her hands. I put my hands in the same position she had hers, and she started high-fiving my hands in a weird way. I've seen four year olds do this before, and I used to do this when I was little. I remember this now...

We continued doing this for a few minutes. I was really getting used to this, until she stopped. I was so concentrated that she stopped and I didn't even notice. I accidentally slapped her in the face, and she ran away, leaving me at the empty skate park.



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