Witches in training!

Lexie's journey to her 11th birthday was rough she admits it .Here is the story starting on her 11th birthday. Description of the twins Lexie is a perky metamorphagus , and full veela and sweet as can be ... Lavender is a nice girl and has fallen for a certain someone . Lexie & Lavender have boyfriends at school and they will appear soon .


8. Sorting Ceremony part 2

When I sat down and every single person was staring at me . Then Lavender said

" Your veela is showing Lexie ." Then everyone snapped out of my trance . And the reason why is my hair was this brilliant shade of red. And the rest of the ceremony went like this ...

"Potter , Harry "

It was longest hat stall because all the older years started talking about it.

Then the hat screamed "better be gryffindor!"

Then the rest was real fast . I made some friends so did lavender . I met this girl named McKinsey and we ate every single thing that popped infront of us ... The next morning I woke up and got dressed (as always I was the first up) I found my schedule , when I went down to the great hall and saw Amaris ! I ran to her and asked how she's been and then I saw a sleepy lavender at the gryffindor table with her face in her plate of food and Amaris & I ran over to her and woke her up before anyone else saw her.

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